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At Home With Jessica Hemmings

At Home With Jessica Hemmings

We visit the home of freelance stylist and photographer, Jessica Hemmings. Jessica's practice includes arranging, photographing, sculpting and making. Here we talk about rituals, beauty and sparking creativity. 

Can you tell us about your space, do you have a favourite part within it?
This space is my first one with Rowan apart from the room in our old flat so it's been fun to see how our personalities come out in our home. I have a tendency to spread my things and create little zones, like little mood boards everywhere. I think these are my favourite parts.  
Can you tell us about some of your favourite objects in your home?
Having beauty in my everyday is something that's important to me. Drinking my tea out of a handmade cup and cooking with my wooden Petley wares feels good. The handmade everyday objects we own are all my favourites. 
Do you have a morning ritual?
Rowan and I both read every morning before anything else starts for the day and I'll have a specific book that I have dedicated to this time. At the moment my morning book is Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.


How do you spend your down time?
Downtime usually starts with coffee with friends turning in to long chats or we'll be in Whangamatā and coffee will be cups of tea with Rowan's family which also turns in to long chats in the lounge, with some baking from the Crowe matriarch Pam.
Are you reading anything at the moment?
I've been really loving the book by Pinkola Estés. My nighttime reading at the moment is Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth & Susan Sontag's short stories. There's also my little stack of art books and food mags that I'll look through with a cup of tea. 
How do you practice self care?
My longest running version of any type of self care would be having an art practice. I input so much in to my head that this is a really good release for anything that's sitting in there. A new self care ritual for me is taking the time to oil my belly and my whole bod after a shower. I've started this since becoming pregnant and it feels really good to be giving my skin, and myself, this love.  
How do you spark creativity?
I try to always bring myself in to an awareness of the beauty that's everywhere, it's a pretty assured way of coming across something that sparks a new thought - for me, going for a walk is one of the best ways to get in to this space. 
What about bedtime rituals?
A cup of non caffeinated tea and however many pages of my book I can get through before my eyes start closing. If Rowan and I haven't seen each other in the evening we'll chat about our day and thoughts in bed before going to sleep. My aspirational bedtime ritual includes nightly yoga so maybe that will become a thing.
What are some words you like to live by?
Beauty in everything. This helps me to prioritise the things that matter and helps in unexpected times too.
 All photographs by Ophelia Mikkelson
View Jessica's work here.  
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