Emma Hoareau Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau

This week on the journal we visit the home of Parisian British photographer, beauty blogger, editor of 'Lolita Says So' and the authority on skincare — Emma Hoareau. We love Emma's style, and we think you will too. Every Sunday we are blessed with her Sunday School segment where she talks beauty, educating her audience about ingredients and how to implement these into their daily skin care regimen. Here we talk about everyday life, achieving inner stillness and daily rituals — as we admire her thoughtfully curated photographs.  

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Vianca Soleil Vianca Soleil

Vianca Soleil

This week on the journal we visit the home of interior designer and creative Vianca Soleil. Vianca left the city for a slower and more simple life, buying a piece of land on a small island in Romblon, Phillipines. We stumbled across her instagram and were instantly drawn in by her ethereal and dreamlike imagery. Right now Vianca is building a beach home with her family, they are planning to turn into an eco resort. Daily life consists of looking after the property, construction, improvements and developing design ideas — while making sure they have sufficient provisions as there are no establishments on the island. Here we talk about her island life, designing her dream beach home and daily rituals. 

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Amy Fraser Amy Fraser

Amy Fraser

We visit the home of Amy Fraser, founder of OKREAL, a curation of wisdom shared by aspirational women, guiding other women in determining what their version of fulfillment looks like and how to create it. Here we talk about fulfilment, rituals and overcoming self-doubt.

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Jessica Hemmings Jessica Hemmings

Jessica Hemmings

We visited the home of freelance stylist and photographer, Jessica Hemmings. Jessica's practice includes arranging, photographing, sculpting and making. Here we talk about rituals, beauty and sparking creativity. 

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