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Fibre in focus, Linen

Fibre in focus, Linen

Between an increasing focus on sustainability credentials, we’re all more attuned to the impact of our choices. We look to fabrics with production that has a lighter impact on the environment — seeking resilient materials that when laundered, become softer with wear throughout their lifetime.

Linen may crease, but such features provide character and robust durability. Linen is where it all started for Penney + Bennett. A fibre as old as history itself, cultivated from the flax plant. With each weave, linen tells a tale of sun-soaked fields and gentle breezes. It embodies simplicity, durability, and timeless charm.
Penney + Bennett works with linen certified by Oeko-tex Standard 100. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ensures the fabrics have been tested for harmful substances and toxic chemicals. All of our linen bedding is made to order, here in New Zealand. Each piece is crafted just for you.


Once of the hardest wearing natural fibres. Linen is incredibly resilient. It can withstand years of wash and wearing, and becomes softer with time.
When grown in a suitable climate, flax requires no irrigation and even conventionally farmed crops require few pesticides and herbicides, and versus cotton is a less thirsty crop. Despite a raft of synthetic fibres utilised in textiles, linen is incredibly robust, making linen an environmentally wise choice.
Naturally thermoregulating, its weave and fibre allow it to be cool in summer and warm in winter.  Flax linen is ideal for varied climates, offering comfort irrespective of the season. Its moisture wicking absorbency, can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, ensuring you stay comfortable.
Effortlessly undone, its tendency to wrinkle gives linen a distinct relaxed and natural appearance, often sought after for its aesthetic appeal.


Linen is incredibly durable, and with proper care and laundering, linen, can span generations. Invest in the best linen you can. If you take good care during and in between washes—your linen bedding will last longer.
— Wash using cold water on a gentle or hand wash cycle. Heat will result in shrinkage and premature degradation.  
— Opt for mild detergent, avoiding bleach and fabric softeners. Harsh detergents can cause stiffness, while softeners will degrade the flax fibres.
— Ensure your machine cycle includes adequate rinsing, at least 15 minutes, to ensure all traces of detergent are removed.
— Line dry always. The sun also acts as a natural stain and odour remover, particularly for natural fibres such as linen and a natural antiseptic.
— Ensure your linen is completely dry before storing. Invest in a beautiful linen spray for between rotations. 


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