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Fibre in Focus, Possum Merino

Fibre in Focus, Possum Merino

There is a renewed energy within knitwear, locally, specifically possum merino. That means one of our most circular, sustainable materials and historically significant industries, wool, is having an important revival.

Few fabrics can claim to be 100 per cent natural, using fewer resources for production than their counterparts, in particular synthetics and synthetic blends, which also contribute to plastic pollution. The original eco fibre — renewable, biodegradable and recyclable, wool is finally being recognised for its sustainability credentials. 


It is no accident that we sought out local vendors offering possum and merino fibres to create our bed socks. The result? Meticulously woven, lightweight, low-pill, anti-static socks. The breathability credentials of both fibres provide warmth and odour resistance. 
New Zealand brushtail possum fibres are sourced from wild pest populations — initially introduced in the 1850s, that today, like merino, is transformed into an ethically and sustainably produced wool that is 100 per cent traceable. With heightened awareness of microplastic pollution and waste, merino possum knitwear provides a sustainable and circular alternative to non-renewable petroleum-based synthetics.  
To be truly sustainable, we must be more sentimental about our clothing — with all we own.  
As well as having a pleasingly long life span, with increasing possum populations and sheep that will continue to renew their fleeces, merino possum—in its truest form, is a naturally renewable fibre. Music to the ears of those seeking natural fibres produced without detrimental ecological and climate impacts, challenging the traditional industrial fashion business model. However, to be truly sustainable, we must be more sentimental about our clothing — with all we own. 
Like other wools and natural fibres, possum merino blends require particular care. To prolong the life of your possum merino socks, we suggest the following.
– Hand wash in COLD water or a front loader washing machine, if possible, with a specific wool setting.
– Natural detergent is recommended, do not use regular detergent as this can discolour or degrade the fibres. We love using this one by ecostore.
– Remove excess water by gently patting dry with a clean towel and lay flat to dry
– Do not tumble dry, wring or rub.
With its naturally sustainable credentials, wools such as possum merino offer the opportunity to create more consciously and responsibly while still moving fashion-forward.
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