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How to Care for Your Beauty Pillow®

How to Care for Your Beauty Pillow®

A common question we get asked is how to care for our silk Beauty Pillows, and so we have put together a guide on this, to help you get those most out of yours.  

Wash — When it’s time to wash your silk Beauty Pillow, fill a bucket or sink with cold water. Add a small amount of laundry soap or gentle detergent. Swirl your pillowslip around in the water and allow it to soak for a minute or so before removing from the soapy water. Gently rinse until all the soap residue is gone.  
Dry — To dry, allow excess water to drip off. Don’t wring or squeeze, but instead lay your pillowslip over a clean dry towel and gently roll the towel up, allowing the towel to extract most of the moisture from the silk. Unravel the towel and lay the pillowslip flat on a fresh dry towel or place over a clothes horse to air dry somewhere shaded. It’s important not to tumble dry, as this can shrink and damage the fabric. 
Iron — If you wish to iron your silk pillowslip, please ensure the iron is set on low, or the ‘silk’ setting. 
Store — Ensure your silk Beauty Pillow is completely dry before folding and storing away somewhere free from moisture. 
Taking the time to care for your silk will ensure a long life for your Beauty Pillow®. We feel hand washing our garments allows for an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the ritual. We invite you to browse our selection of Beauty Pillows® to consider for your home.
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