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At Home With Fiona Goddard

At Home With Fiona Goddard

We visit the stunning home of Fiona Goddard. Mama to Billie & Ruben, and freelance Hair & Makeup Artist. We are warmly welcomed in their grand 1910 villa, lovingly restored by Fiona and husband Josh. Here we talk about kids, home and finding calm. 

Where are you from and where do you reside currently?
I am from Te Puke and grew up on a dairy farm in rural town of Pongakawa. My family and I currently live in Birkenhead, Auckland. 
Do you have a morning / night ritual?
My mornings are very much get up and tend to the kids needs…but I savour my morning coffee in between the chaos! 
Evenings are when I have time to myself, and can really enjoy the quiet. My skincare routine is the ultimate self indulgent ritual at the end of a busy day of mothering. It might be the only 10 minutes but its something I really enjoy and find incredibly relaxing to unwind.  
What is a normal day like for you?
Wake up and get the kids up and dressed for the day, make their breakfast while also making Billie’s preschool lunch. Usually in that time I try and make myself a coffee. 
Preschool drop off for Billie then home to get some work done while Ruben has his first nap of the day. Usually cooking and cleaning! Sometimes park dates to see friends. 
Tell us about your space, do you have a favourite area within it? 
Our home is a 1910 Villa that we have slowly been renovating ourselves and bringing all the beautiful detail and character back to life. 
My favourite areas would have to be the lounge and master bedroom because they both feature the most gorgeous victorian plaster ceilings which are lovely to gaze at and get lost in the detail. One of many features that made me fall in love with the home.
The bedroom especially is a very restful and calming space.  
What are some of your favourite objects?
I love all of my pieces I have collected from Tom Dixon over the years, such beautiful designs. 
My portrait of Māori Chief Tamati Teroro who always gives me a sense of protection in our home. 
What is your favourite piece of furniture and is there a story behind it? 
My coffee table and stool both by Philippe Malouin bring me so much joy. There isn’t really any story behind them but I fell in love with the quirky yet somehow timeless design and purchased the stool first and then spent quite some time saving to buy the coffee table. It looks just as good as I had imagined it would in our lounge. 
What is your approach to styling your space? 
Definitely buying quality where I can. I like neutrals and earth tones. Natural fibres are important to me in all textiles, not only a more sustainable option but creating a more breathable healthy home. 
What inspires you? 
Love looking through all my coffee table books, Art. Music, beauty and fashion. My kids! 
How do you like to spark creativity? 
Visiting new places / travelling.
How do you like to spend your down time?
Downtime at the moment is usually just when my son naps, although there’s usually a million things to be done around the house in the time I do try and make myself a hot drink, light a candle or incense and just enjoy the quiet.
A nice glass of wine in the evenings! 
Are you reading, watching or listening to anything at the moment? 
I have just started watching Inventing Anna. Always a bit late to the party with TV shows! 
How do you like to practice self-care / achieve inner stillness?
Self care and any stillness for me in the season I’m in with two small children is a little hard right now as life is busy, often messy and chaotic but I try my best to practice positive mindfulness. 
When I have the energy to, getting up before the kids to start my day calm. Moving my body when I can like going for a walk or even just sitting outside in the sunshine to reflect. 
How do you like to unwind before bed? 
I absolutely love a facial massage tool! So incredibly nice to do your skincare routine then as a last step use either ice globes, Gua Sha or the Sculpter by The Facialist. 
Love a cuddle in bed with my cats too! 
What are some words you like to live by? 
‘When I am flourishing, my children are too’
When you are feeling flat, what’s something that brings you back to yourself? 
Put on a nice outfit, blow wave my hair and a bit of makeup!
Who are some of your favourite artists?
I really admire Emma Gale’s original paintings and would love to own one, one day! 
Do you have a favourite go-to recipe? 
The Josh Emmett Chicken Cacciatore has been a firm favourite in our house and especially in winter months. Full of flavour and an easy one pot meal. 
What does home mean to you? 
Home is my family. As long as I have them, I’m at home. 
Styled here is our sakura & karesansui small cushions and linen bedding.
Photography captured by Nicole Brannen.
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