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An ode to summer, slower days, and embracing the small joys.

An ode to summer, slower days, and embracing the small joys.

Summer is finally here. As December unfolds, we can’t help but daydream of the leisurely moments ahead. We’re planning on spending our holiday season filled with treasured traditions, old and new, meaningful experiences, and precious moments with loved ones. We love summer for its promise of a fresh start and that brighter days are ahead; and this summer, we are relishing in the small joys, the simple pleasures of summer. When you can’t remember what day it is, letting it unfold at its own pace. The unhurriedness of it all. Falling into a circadian rhythm, rising when the birds chirp and collapsing into bed at the end of the day, filled with contentment and delight to do it all again tomorrow. We've pulled together the nostalgia of summers past, what we’ve learnt this year, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

Waking up to bird song. Peeling away from the sheets, finding a quiet spot to read before the house awakens. The smell of hot coffee brewing. Pancakes for breakfast and hot croissants.
Heading down to the beach for the first swim of the day. The icey-ness of the first dive in, tasting the salty-ness on your lips. Exploring rock pools and collecting pebbles and shells. Wrapping up in a warm towel, laying down to read under a shaded tree.
Fresh bread sandwiches with left over ham and hot chicken. Fish and chips, and chip butties. Fresh cherries and strawberries by the handful. Rustling of the leaves and the dappled light. Eyes closed, listening to nature. Cicadas chirping. Heading home, but first stopping for a scoop ice cream on the way.
Collapsing on the bed, a siesta. The house goes quiet. An afternoon read. A board game with loved ones. Chips & dip. A leisurely cup of tea. Heading back for a swim before dinner.
Home to the smell of charcoal on the BBQ, music playing. Washing the sand off your feet with warm water from the hose. That shower after a day at the beach. Dressing in sheer fabrics that dance with the light. A game of volleyball or backyard cricket. Friends and loved ones arriving. Gathering around the table for a shared meal. Dessert and more strawberries, with whipped cream. A card game. Lots of laughter.
A stroll as the sun descends. Revelling in the blooming of flowers, and their sweet scent filling the warm air; jasmine, hydrangeas, bougainvillea. Warm sunsets with pink painted skies.
Staying open, trusting what comes up and allowing it unfold. Saying yes to new experiences and seeing what happens. See the little things for what they are. Laugh whenever you can. Look for moments to feel joy. We are only here for a short period of time, so spend it doing things that feel good to your core.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and summer ahead. Meri Kirihimete xx
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