It’s Virgo season, and with the influence of Virgo in the air, we can find ourselves exhibiting some of Virgo’s practical, analytical and perfectionist qualities. Virgo season is typically the time of ‘spring cleaning’ and most of us will feel the urge to tidy up some of the mess in our lives. Being of service to others is also a Virgo trait that can rub off on us as is the need to be quietly independent at the same time. September is going to start off in a routine, non-chaotic fashion. By the middle of the month, we can expect things to be shaken up a little as we enter into the shadow of another Mercury retrograde period which will start on the 27th of September. Expensive devices are going to be particularly prone to problems over this shadow period. Virgo governs the stomach and some of our filtering organs. Treat yourself to easy-to-digest foods this month and your body will love you for it!



Aries, you’ll be called upon to take over an important task at work this month…even if you have no idea what you’re doing. This task will be handed to you since you’ll be possessing an air of arrogance and energy that screams ‘I can do the job!’ like no one else. This will put you in a very good position to prove how valuable you are to your boss and therefore push for a pay rise or promotion. With this air of confidence comes a warning for your personal life: be careful of unintentionally crossing the line when it comes to flirting. Your partner will be feeling a bit like the ‘lesser’ in the relationship and even the most minor flirtatious acts towards others will cause an argument that will be hard to come back from. Watch what you eat this month Aries. Over-indulgence of the wrong foods is going to cause heartburn and acidy stomach issues.



Generally speaking, your family are quite important to you Taurus and this month will be no exception. You might find yourself being a little clingier with those you cherish during September as a wave of extra appreciation for them washes over you. Just be aware that this feeling may cause you to overspend on birthday presents or give up an important appointment or date to be with them. Try to be reasonable with how much you put into your family this month and be sure to understand that other areas of your life need attention too. Something that could draw your attention away from this would be a creative endeavour that involves music. Taureans are naturally gifted when it comes to music, and singing or playing an instrument will bring you happiness. Home improvements are showing in your chart this month, just don’t start a major home project unless you are 100% sure you can complete it!



Travel is going to feature in your work this month Gemini, even if you don’t typically travel for work. A small trip away for a couple of days will bring a welcome change to your routine and it won’t cause too much disruption to your month. It’s also showing as a great chance to learn something new and to open up new opportunities for the future in your career. An awkward situation may arise this month whereby you’ll be asked to choose between your partner and your family. There is not right decision here and it’d be best for you to choose a side and then make amends with the other side later on. Things will smooth over eventually. Most Geminis will be feeling a little discontent with their appearance during September. Skin problems such as acne, breakouts, eczema and rashes are showing as your body goes through a sensitive phase. Be sure to drink plenty of water this month to help keep your body balanced!



Get ready to do some damage to your credit card again this month Cancer as you settle your emotions with some wild spending sprees. This isn’t out-of-character for you but this month’s spending spree won’t cure you in any way or make you feel any better as it usually does. Not only will you find it hard to find beautiful, comforting items to shop for but you’ll also be in a deeper hole afterwards when it comes to your self-esteem. A better way to spend your money this month would be on a lunch date with friends or family who will comfort you and make you feel whole again. This is going to be the cure you need rather than useless items that you don’t really want. You’ll have a strange urge to organise your workspace and your home this month as the sun in Virgo influences your actions. Mind you, it’s the perfect time for a big clean out!



If you’ve been thinking of learning something new then this would be the month to really get stuck into it, Leo. Your attention span is going to be a lot better than usual and you’ll be able to comprehend and memorise important details a lot easier than usual. Even if the learning is hobby based it will help you feel fulfilled and proactive. September will see a lot of people coming to you for help and to off-load some of their problems. Your words will help to calm their nerves and pick up their spirits regardless of how low they’re feeling. Helping others will also give you the chance to bathe in the glow of their appreciation which you naturally love. It will be a busy month around the home for you as more jobs than usual pop up around the house. If you’ve left a job for too long, such as getting a leaky pipe fixed, then chances are that it will get to the point where it can’t be ignored anymore.



You always feel a little happier with yourself around your birthday Virgo as a strange sense of achievement for what has been over the past year washes over you. It’s going to be a good birthday month for you this year as you delight in feeling beautiful, charming, witty and fun. Others will get a chance to notice your very clever sense of humour as well, which is often overlooked as you don’t pull it out very often. Anything that you want to achieve at work whether it is a pay rise, promotion or to be listened to, will be achievable this month as you’ll be able to request it from your boss this month and word it so eloquently that they’ll think that it’s their idea! An abundance of physical energy is showing for you during September. Make the most of it by getting outdoors into your natural element of earth.



A Libra very rarely hermits away, but this month it will be your ultimate desire. The world can be a heavy place sometimes and this month you’ll be feeling a little more sensitive than usual (so much so that people could confuse you for a Cancerian!). Your desire for privacy could become a problem this month if you don’t give yourself time to breathe and be by yourself. You could find yourself snapping at others for asking you innocent, personal questions, and no one will regret the situation more than you since you hate to upset others. So be warned: retreat from the world a little this month when you feel you need it. No matter what your usual sleep patterns are, during September you’ll be prone to some night-owl behaviour. Even for those who tend to go to bed early, you’ll find that you somehow end up staying awake into the wee hours of the morning.



When we hold back on expressing our thoughts and feelings, we can feel resentful towards others for not understanding us. This is going to be your biggest hurdle to overcome during September Scorpio. It’s going to be particularly important for you to speak up on issues that are close to your heart. Even if you’re in a group that opposes your thoughts, let them know what you think otherwise you might find that you subconsciously sabotage these friendships later on through your resentment. Trust your friends and confide in them this month, that is what friends are for, and at the moment you're going to need to let everything out rather than holding it in like you usually do. Speaking of friendships, you’ll be wanting to only socialise with your core group of friends this month. Don’t feel bad about rejecting offers from others who you don’t consider to be so important.



You’re going to find yourself in a situation this month where you let a friend down who is in need. This is most likely going to occur in a group setting where they are being attacked for their views on the world. If your conscience is telling you to stand up for them then make sure you do so that you don’t have to apologise for your lack of loyalty later on. Your inner snob is going to emerge this month Sagi as you revel in luxurious clothes, homewares and any other number of high-end products. Enjoy becoming a cognisor of style as it will bring you happiness and recognition socially too. The single Sagittarian is also going to find that their inner snob attracts the eye of someone who has taste and style themselves. Watch out for potentially ruining a great night out with your snobbery; just because a certain bar is the place to be seen it doesn’t mean that your friends will actually enjoy hanging out there with you.



Attached Capricorns are going to find a wonderful connection with their partners this month through mutual mental stimulation. Conversations will be thought-provoking and interesting and may even lead to late nights spent enjoying each other’s company and ideas. Single Capricorns also have the potential to have the same sort of moments occur with potential love interests. September will be a month of opening up a little more than usual for most Capricorns. Religion is going to be a topic that will grab your attention this month. Whether you are pro-religion or anti-religion, both sides of the coin will be thought-provoking and provide you with some personal mental stimulation. A beautiful piece of jewellery is going to catch your eye later in the month. Just ask yourself though: do you really need to buy it? The answer is probably not. Satisfy your eye for beautiful things with some flowers instead so that you don’t put a major dent in your bank balance.



You’ll find pleasure in a little escape this month Aquarius. That escape could be in the form of an actual trip away, a weekend alone at home without any human contact or in the daydreamy world that Pisces usually lives in. Just be aware that your need to escape could also lead to escaping through the use of substances. Regardless of the substance, whether it’s food, alcohol or something else, over-indulgence will unwittingly occur if you’re not careful. A problem that will plague most Aquarians this month is that you’ll find yourself over-analysing everything. Analysing how people feel towards you, why the world is the way it is, what makes your boss tick and who the greater power of the universe is plus any and every other subject known to man; it’s all going to give you a headache! Plus, it’s not normal for Aquarians to over-analyse life. Find a healthy escape and stop yourself before your over-thinking becomes too hot to handle this month.



When it comes to love, be careful what you wish for this month Pisces as you might just manifest it! You’ll find yourself attracted to the opposite of what you’re usually attracted to this month and that bad-boy or girl fantasy just won’t play out as you’d originally hoped it would. There will be the danger of you becoming embroiled in a new romance with someone aggressive and bossy, and if you’re already attached you might find that your encouragement of these traits in your partner will be hard to change back again later on. In fact, September is going to be a strange month for you when it comes to where your mind is at. Your daydreams will verge towards taboo subjects and thoughts which will almost verge on the extremely weird. On a more positive note, it’s a good month to let go of a bad habit that is affecting your health.

Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.