It's Libra season and your October 2020 Horoscope is here. Get comfy and read on for your October predictions.



This month your focus is going to be on your home and family as you seek to make your surroundings more comfortable and your relationships more secure. Just don’t force anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do; if your family members are busy and aren’t available to spend quality time with you, a hissy-fit isn’t going to help you get your own way. Likewise, if a tradesperson can’t make it to your home at the exact time that you want them there, ranting and raving won’t make them change their schedule. October is a good month to potter around the house and do your own thing. You’ll find enjoyment in tasks such as painting, styling, cupboard organisation or building this month. The female Aries will revel in their femininity and the male Aries will be attracted to very feminine women. A surprising fact about your family history will come to light this month as well.



You’ll have a very strong desire to seek out new spiritual knowledge this month Taurus which will come off the back of a few coincidental and unusual experiences this month. Synchronicities, chance meetings and premonitions are all showing for you this month and the law of attraction is going to be very powerful for you if you choose to utilise it. Don’t be surprised if you meet someone who you have a strong and instant attraction to. It’ll feel as though you have met your soulmate, which might put you in a predicament if you are already in a relationship. Keep a cool head and pull yourself out of the La-La land that the universe will be forcing you into this month. You’ll feel particularly creative during October so be sure to make the most of this energy through the creation of music, art and writing.



Your health and wellbeing are going to be on your mind a lot this month Gemini. If you’ve been feeling a bit blobby and unmotivated of late, October is showing as a good month to get back on the bandwagon as far as health and exercise is concerned. There’s no magic pill here that will help you to take that initial first step, but once you get into the groove of an exercise regime, you’ll stick to it, which is great given that summer is just around the corner! It’s going to be a good month at work for you as your Gemini mind will be in its element with new tasks that require analytical thought and a problem-solving mind. You’ll get joy out of doing those jobs that no one else is capable of doing and the recognition for your work will follow. A helping hand given to someone in need will be paid back this month too.



Cancerians are going to be feeling very ‘nesty’ this month. For the single Cancerians, you’ll be thinking a lot about marriage this month. Whether you have a potential spouse lined up or not, that desire to be partnered with someone for the rest of your life will be strong. For those of you who are already in a relationship, there may be a proposal or talk of future marriage coming your way. Just watch that you don’t come across as aloof or uncaring during talks around this subject. A new business opportunity will present itself this month. Your demeanour, including your tough-exterior and intuitive nature, will be seen as a formidable force in getting this business idea off the ground. Be extra careful with contracts of all kinds this month as well as bills and receipts- double check that you haven’t been overcharged for anything or that the small print isn’t roping you into something that doesn’t sit well with you.



Have you checked your taxes and investments lately Leo? There should be some money owing to you in one of these areas. Money is going to flow to you easily this month as other people shout you drinks, pay the restaurant bill without being asked and offer you loans out of the blue if you mention that you’re struggling a bit financially. Your warm-hearted and generous nature that has shone through in the past will be recognised and paid back this month. October will be a good month as far as romance and intimacy are concerned. Single Leos will meet someone mysterious that they connect well with physically and attached Leos will have a new-found excitement in the bedroom. The emotional side of this intimacy may be lacking and get a little messy as you simply won’t be interested in the emotional needs of others, but on the whole, you’ll enjoy the experience.  



You’re going to be unusually chatty this month Virgo as your thoughts and ideas fall in together like the pieces of a puzzle. Virgos usually observe and listen rather than voicing their opinions, but this month you’ll find yourself sharing some very interesting and thought-provoking conversations with people you normally wouldn’t socialise with. Those deeper areas of life such as religion, philosophy and law will all be touched upon. You’ll be feeling optimistic this month and those high standards that you usually set for yourself will pay back dividends in both your work and social life. People will recognise you; they’ll want to get to know you better and you won’t be short of invitations to events this month. Any friendships or relationships that have been on rocky ground will also sort themselves out during October. Watch out for addictive patterns this month; drugs, alcohol, shopping and eating will be taken to the extreme if you aren’t careful.



Libra you are going to have a bit of a tough month ahead as you re-evaluate your position within your workplace. That sense of not being recognised for all that you do will weigh heavy on you and small dramas at work will be made into something much bigger than what they actually are. Seeking out praise isn’t going to help your situation so it’d be best to simply put your head down, do your job and then leave the day behind you once you get home. Life goals are also going to be put in the spotlight and if you aren’t where you thought you’d be by this point you’ll feel an overwhelming need to change things up. A passive-aggressive approach (which is oh so Libra’s style) is not going to fix anything. Make this month a quiet one and just go through the motions. Don’t take it to heart when things go wrong or when other’s try to cause conflict. Leaning on stable male figures in your life will help you deal with the stress this month. 



It’s not often that you are right all the time Scorpio, but you might find that you are this month.  Your intellect is going to be heightened during October and you’ll have a clear picture of others, their intentions towards you and who they are deep down inside. You’ll have your social-bunny hat on this month so this heightened intellect is going to work well for you. On another note, you’ll be particularly attracted to communication technology this month and may find that you’ll be on your phone a lot more than normal. Try not to get caught up in an online worm-hole of information as it will most likely enrage you and take you away from this social-bunny persona that will serve you so well. You’ll come across someone this month who you will initially find to be alluring, but you’ll change your mind on this pretty quickly by the second date.



Karma is going to come back around to you this month Sagittarius, whether it is from this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Chance encounters with old flames who you have unfinished business with will occur and that sense of everything coming to a head will happen this month. Don’t fret as this will be temporary and is simply the universe adjusting your life to create balance for the future. You might find that your beliefs about the world, and yourself, change this month as you question yourself. A friendship which has been on the line for a while will come to a definite conclusion as the two of you release each other. Your gut instincts and intuition will serve you particularly well this month so be sure to listen to that little voice in the back of your mind. On a health note, any past injuries or illnesses will magically disappear and right themselves during October.



Capricorn you should be in your element this month. Your sense of self-worth is often attached to how others see you, and this month people are going to be particularly impressed by you. If you’ve struggled with any part of your appearance in the past then you’ll find that this struggle melts away this month. Every day in October will be a good hair day, your hard work at the gym will be showing results and you’ll be able to eat what you like without stacking on the pounds. All of this will make others take notice of you and your inner happiness with yourself will only add to your allure. Your body will be feeling fit and healthy too. Watch out for an over-abundance of generosity this month as you may end up unwittingly donating to a bogus charity. Seek to broaden your horizons this month through the sciences as this area will capture your attention and give you another feather in your cap for use in conversation.



Aquarius you will be on a spending frenzy this month so watch your wallet and maybe tighten those purse strings a little. Money will flow easily this month but you will spend it as quickly as you get it. You may also get yourself into a hard-to-break habit of shopping to bring emotional relief. Work will be busy this month but you’ll find that you achieve a lot each day and that you clear your inbox quicker than expected. Getting yourself into a morning routine at home will set you up for an easy-to-manage day at work and the time will fly by quickly. Family may cause you a bit of a headache this month when it comes to what they think you should and shouldn’t be doing with your life. Keep conversations light-hearted at the dinner table and you should be able to steer away from these difficult conversations. 



Pisces you are going to be stuck in your own head this month, and it is something to be aware of as sometimes your mind can carry you off into the ether. Ask yourself whether you have made a situation up in your mind, whether your perception of the world is realistic or if you have imagined things which don’t exist. You, not other people, will be your own worst enemy this month. A run-in with a neighbour may occur around the middle of October so being extra cautious of how you react will be vital. Let it slide; the situation isn’t as bad as you are imagining. Get-togethers with family, particularly siblings, are going to be uplifting and enjoyable so make the most of the time that you have with them. Something that you learnt in the past will come back to serve its purpose in your love life. This learning will be something that taught you how to manage or manipulate people to do your bidding.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.