Pisces season has arrived and so has your March horoscope. Read on for your March 2021 predictions. 



Aries you are going to be a little more reserved than usual during March as you settle into learning more about yourself than is usual. You have a very good understanding of who you are anyway, but sometimes the really deep-down stuff gets overlooked. A lot of people are going to be surprised when you decline their invitations and make lame excuses such as ‘I need to wash my hair tonight’ to get out of a social event. When you do venture out though you’ll be drawn to people who are insightful and knowledgeable in areas such as philosophy and religion. Let’s just say that it’s going to be a good month for you to expand your knowledge. During March, expect to run into an old flame; one that you still hold feelings for. After this meeting, the hold that they have over you will dissipate and you’ll be free of their grip on your heart.



Taking action is going to be your strong point this month Taurus as your drive pushes you to make moves on areas in which you have let lag behind. It’s a good month to get things done, particularly in the area of work and career. You are naturally a hard worker and don’t mind the daily grind that comes with working life, but the extra effort is going to be noticed during March. Just be careful that you don’t come across too assertive; if something isn’t going your way you might find that your infamous (yet rarely seen) temper will unleash. On a fashion note, styles and fads which sometimes seem to pass you by before it’s too late won’t be a problem this month. You might find that you’re the stylish one who everyone will want to copy. Enjoy it for what it is. March is your month to be seen and heard!



Are you ready to make some money Gemini? Because money is going to flow your way easily this month! Just be careful though: don’t go spending up large on lotto tickets or other gambling pursuits as that’s not how it’s going to come your way. Rather, your working life is going to provide you with some extra cash. If you’ve been stuck on the same wage for months (or years) expect this to change this month as pay increases, bonuses and incentives are all coming your way. This rise in your financial health is also going to initiate a rise in your confidence and happiness. In turn, you’ll see relationships (both romantic and friendship based) take a turn for the better. Old habits that you once had are going to melt away this month if you put your mind to eliminating them. Over-drinking, over-eating and over-spending can all be overcome during March.



This might just be your month to shine Cancer. You rarely get to do so since you are always tending to the emotional wellbeing of others, but this month other people are going to ask you how you’re feeling and how you’re doing for once. There’s a lot of social activity showing for you during March which will be very enjoyable. You’ll meet some wonderful people and have great times in places which you normally wouldn’t frequent. There’s a sense of alignment in you during March. This alignment extends to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self so you’ll be feeling on top of the world. A petty run-in with a neighbour is going to occur around the middle of March. This particular neighbour will be taking issue with something that occurred months, possibly even years, ago. Don’t worry though, as you’ll be feeling so upbeat that this tiff won’t even upset you.



Don’t overthink Leo. It’s not becoming of you. People enjoy your free spirit and optimistic nature, so taking on a worried persona is going to turn them off. March is showing as a month in which you will find worries and fears in imaginary places, especially when it comes to your family. Socially, a lot is going on for you during March. You’ll have the usual steady stream of invites to places coming your way as well as extra invites to places and events which are new to you. Emotionally, expect a few tears to fall as you overthink every area of your life and compare it to others. On a positive note, single Leos will find comfort in a very stable potential love interest. This should take your mind off your worries for a while. Likewise, attached Leos are going to find that their partner is more nurturing and understanding. Enjoy the company of others where you can as it will help heal everything that is going on in your mind.



Emotions run deep in you Virgo, but often they run so deep that others never get to see them. This month might see a change in that as these deep and mysterious emotions come to the surface. This will be particularly true for anything which is connected to children. Movies or images on the T.V. that involve children will stir these emotions up and you’ll unwittingly expose how deep your heart goes! Both Virgo men and women are going to go through a period of establishing and strengthening their home base during March. This may lead to some days of over-obsessive (even for a Virgo) cleaning, a determination to fortify anything which doesn’t sit comfortably with you in your home or even going on an obsessive hunt for somewhere new to live if you aren’t content with where you currently reside. On the whole, you need to keep a check on your emotions Virgo. March is going to lead to some interesting and out-of-character behaviour!   



If you’re looking for ‘The One’ look no further than the gym this month Libra. Funnily enough, your love life and health are coming together into harmonious alignment which will cause a positive bouncing off of each other. Likewise, if you’re looking to improve your health you might find the answers in a happy coupling with someone else. As far as everyday relationships go with co-workers, friends and acquaintances you might accidentally run into some drama. A helpful gesture or good deed may be taken the wrong way so be sure to do a double take on whether these people are deserving of your time and service. March is also going to be a fertile month for all Librians! If you’ve been trying for a while to conceive then this month is showing as more promising. This fertility also extends to all aspects of your life; whether you’re looking to ‘conceive’ a new business or start a new venture, this month has your back.    



March is going to be one of those months where you just feel lonely sometimes. There’s nothing that is going to set this off per-say other than your mind wandering towards thoughts of love. If you are a single Scorpion, this will be particularly tough for you this month. Even if you are already in a relationship, you’ll still have this feeling of loneliness come up. You’re coming into a time whereby relationships and commitment are going to be important to you, even if you have been happily playing the field for a long time. It might be an idea to count your blessings and take a good look at what you already have. Your career and work-life look positive this month. New contracts and protocols are going to pop up at work, all of which will work in your favour and make your working days fly by.



There’s some gossip coming your way Sagi, but it might not be as fun to deal with as it was to listen to. You see, March is going to throw you a few curveballs, with a tendency for you to get caught up and involved in things which wouldn’t normally concern you. For example, hearing of a love affair might mean that you have to choose whether you tell the other person’s partner or not. It’s a difficult situation and one which many people wouldn’t envy you for. On a personal note, this month is showing as one where you will have to be self-reliant and do things for yourself. Usually, a Sagi can charm another into doing what they want, but March is a good month for you to learn how to find pleasure on your own terms. Intimacy is going to be high on your list of priorities and will be something that is fulfilled during March.



Your spiritual side is going to come out a little more this month Capricorn. It’s so often hidden away, but you’ll find the need to explore and talk about this other realm. It’s something that is naturally a part of you since you are a dual sign, but it usually lays dormant underneath your immaculate exterior. Some erratic behaviour is expected from you during March, especially when it comes to conversations with others, but this is a temporary phase that you will go through. From these conversations you’re going to find a new hobby which is focused on collecting certain items. This new hobby will spark your interest and most likely become a long-term passion. Don’t expect too much from your partner or spouse this month, they won’t be riding on the same wave as you (unless they are a fellow Capricorn). Keep conversation light and away from the deep mysteries of life and you’ll be fine!



You might be feeling a little naughty this month Aquarius as it seems that you’ve recently been discouraged to play by the rules (as much as you follow them anyway). This discouragement has most likely has come from something you’ve read in the news or seen on the T.V. and it’s made you realise that it’s time to push the boundaries a little more. Now, this naughtiness won’t come in the form of breaking the law or criminal activity but will most likely be contained to how you conduct yourself. If people around you frown on strange sexual pursuits, this is where you’ll push the boundaries, if people around you frown on certain jobs, then you’ll most likely quit yours and pick up something unusual. You get the gist, right? Both Aquarian males and females are going to be attracted to more masculine roles and masculinity in others during March.



You need to be sure of your perceptions this month Pisces, particularly when it comes to your relationships. There’ll be a tendency to overreact to minor situations that don’t work in your favour and your partner or spouse might be the one to take the brunt of your anger. Don’t expect too much from them as chances are that nothing has changed except you. Sensuality in all forms is going to make you happy this month. This could pertain to the sensuality of food, sex, material items or creative pursuits such as dance. The world is your oyster and you are the pearl that gives it purpose. When it comes to your work life, March is showing as a confusing time. You will most likely find yourself in a position where you’re not sure exactly what your role is or where your job description has morphed into something confusing. Take the lead on this and speak to your superiors, then things will pan out just fine.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.