Welcome to Pisces season, the most intuitive and dreamy season in the zodiac. Pisces is the sign of spirituality and it has a natural link to the spiritual world and the subconscious mind. It is a dual sign which is represented by the archetype of the two Pisces fish that swim in different directions, the element of water and is governed by the planet Neptune. All of these qualities give Pisces its other-worldly nature. Pisces is an extremely empathetic sign and this quality will spill out into all the other signs of the zodiac during the Pisces season. Keep tabs on how you’re feeling this month as sometimes those feelings will be yours but at other times, they may belong to someone else. This month should be fairly steady with most planets moving in direct motion as well as a New Moon in Aquarius on the 2nd and a Full Moon in Virgo on the 18th.   



Where others fail to see, you’ll be able to see clearly. This is mostly true when it comes to issues and problems within society and around the world that play out this month. It’s an extremely good time for you to hone in on your analytical abilities and really work towards understanding how politics and society work. This won’t only benefit you but it will also help those around you grasp another point of view. You could even say that you will be a bit of an eye-opener for everyone. Chores are going to be slightly problematic for you this month as a lagging ‘I don’t want to do that’ feeling overcomes you when faced with boring tasks. Be sure to do your bit around the house though so that you don't upset everyone. Your desire to help others will be magnified this month. Find a cause that you can champion and then put your all into it your usual, brilliant Aries way.



Your Taurus traits will be on display more than usual this month and how lovely it will be for everyone else to finally see a bit more of your true self. Your hair will sit in that perfectly tousled but beautiful Taurus way and your kind Taurean nature will be felt by all. Enjoy the compliments that follow from this. When it comes to your career, March will provide a time where you can communicate effectively with your employer or co-workers and make headway on some of your ideas and ambitions. If you have been aiming to get a promotion or pay rise, this month will help you take positive steps towards this. If you need to destress at any stage this month, be sure to use a healthy means of escape such as listening to some great music out in the sun or getting creative with paints or other hobbies. Don’t try to relax using food, drugs or alcohol as it will have the opposite effect!



Have you got your priorities in order Gemini?...No? You might need to sort this out ASAP before the rest of the month rolls around. There’s a karmic readjustment showing in your chart this month which means that any habits or priorities that aren’t for your greater good will cause a snowball of events that will readjust your thinking and what’s best for you. It’s a tricky lesson to take but it is for the best. Money in particular is going to be under the microscope and the karmic gods and goddesses will want to focus heavily on this. If you are using money to gain influence, spending it in a wasteful manner or being lazy when it comes to earning more, expect a strange push from the universe to right these money wrongs. One thing that will be working in your favour this month is your intuition. Any previous practice to enhance this will show results during March and you’ll find an enhanced sense of ‘knowing’ in most situations.



Your style of communication is going to be a little crazy this month Cancer. You usually have a beautiful way of communicating with others but this month your voice will sound shaky and unsure and there’ll be some truly weird times where you’ll put your foot in your mouth. On the other hand, your mind will be sharp during March so writing ideas and thoughts down will prove to be safer than trying to convey them to others. Help from a male family member or friend will ground your energy and provide you with clear, logical advice. This combined with your amazing March brain ability will bring solutions to problems both old and new. Physically, you’ll have an abundance of energy this month. Be careful not to be impulsive with this energy and instead use it to make headway on physical goals and ambitions. Anything is possible when there’s a bit of fire in your belly!



Your beautiful, fun-loving, dominant Leo self is going to be on display this month and people are going to be naturally attracted to the charm that you so effortlessly emit. Getting what you want this month shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll be able to approach any situation with authority and take exactly what you think you deserve. There will be a little of your daydreamy self shining through this month though which will make you slightly unproductive. Be careful not to talk up your ambitions to others (especially potential romantic partners) without having a plan in place to follow through as people will be put off by any unrealistic notions that you have. Luck will be on your side at work this month and you should expect some positive movement in your career path as you are given opportunities that you normally wouldn’t be given. Again, use your Leo charm to shape your career into what you want during March.



Anything feminine is going to attract your eye this month Virgo. Shiny, sparkly, pretty, dainty, flowy things are going to hold your attention and you’ll be able to appreciate femininity in other people. Take the time to think really hard about any purchases of highly feminine items as you might find that after this month they aren’t as alluring as you initially thought. There will be a very anti-Virgo trait in you this month which is that of flightiness. Much to your horror, people around you might pick up on this so be careful not to say one thing when you mean another and be sure to follow through on promises. A new way of working will help Virgos in business and that flighty March behaviour of yours might create new ideas and solutions to problems. Pick your battles at work this month. If it’s not a big deal then it probably isn’t worth the fight.



Nothing will hold you back from fulfilling some of your more realistic dreams and wishes this month Libra. Lady luck is on your side during March and people will be happy to help you achieve what you want and get you whatever you desire. Your friendships will be important to you in March as you help them through some difficult times of their own. When it comes to romance and love relationships, you’ll be able to destress, relax and talk out your day with your loved one. When it comes to healing old emotional wounds or forgiving past wrongs done to you, you’ll come up against a brick wall. The more that you try to heal these hurts the more frustrating and disappointed you will be in yourself. This month is a time to enjoy yourself anyway so forget about anything that takes too much effort or hard work! Sometimes a Libra can find it hard to organise their home. This is your chance to be as organised as a Virgo as March brings organisational skills to the forefront.



Scorpios worldwide are going to be able to draw strength from their relationships this month. There will be a direct correlation between your happiness at home and health during March so be aware of the consequences of an unsettling home environment. Love can be a very powerful emotion and you can use it to improve your physical health. You’ll come to a full understanding of this by the end of the month. Be careful about letting the thoughts of any mother figures in your life affect you too deeply. There is conflicting energy around what you perceive to be right when it comes to mothering and what the reality is for you. Don’t let yourself hold onto imagined or unimportant failures that are brought up by your mother. Money will flow nicely this month Scorpio. There will be wiggle room to buy something that you’ve been eyeing up for a long time as well!



Don’t let your hopes and dreams be hindered by anyone else Sagittarius, but also don’t expect anyone else to pay for you to fulfil those hopes and dreams. Because you are naturally generous it is hard for you to understand when others won’t reciprocate this in times of need. You might have a great business idea or want to travel the world to start a fantastic travel blog that will pay dividends. This is something that you should do on your own though and don’t expect a third party to get involved. When it comes to love, many Sagis will be feeling particularly frisky this month. This is fine if you are single and can play the field but remember to take into account how your other half would feel about your flirting if you’re in a relationship. Try to share the jobs around at work this month to lighten your workload. Generosity can come in many forms and this will be the best form for you this month.



You aren’t usually a rule breaker at all Capricorn but March might just be your month to be a little rebellious! It’s not a problem to enjoy yourself and be a little naughty but just be careful about letting your enjoyment of rule-breaking spill over into being something illegal. This is where you’ll need to be careful of your actions. Intimacy with others is going to come easily to you during March. Not only will you be able to attract people to be intimate with but you’ll also be able to bring pleasure at a deeper level to those you are with. Your health is going to be extremely good this month and you’ll feel strong, fit and full of energy. This could be a good opportunity to push yourself when it comes to realigning your fitness goals. Enjoy this month Capricorn as it’s not often that you relax enough to have a good one!



Expect a bit of travel to creep into your work life this month Aquarius, even if your job doesn’t usually entail it. The opportunity to do so will come packaged in the form of new learning for your job but it’s more likely that you’ll end up simply enjoying the time away. And, you deserve this small break too. The weight of the world is going to weigh heavily on you this month as you become more affected by the injustices that are happening globally. It might be a good idea to take a step back and avoid watching the news or taking part in political debates and such. You won’t find answers to the world’s problems or solutions to them. It won’t help you one bit to let it affect you emotionally either. Trying to say what you mean will be a struggle during March. Take your time to get your words out and think twice about what you are about to say.



Many Pisces natives will be looking ahead to the future this month and putting plans into place to start working towards future outcomes. It’s a great time to be doing so as nothing much will get in your way as far as making the time to plan is concerned. Your main objective will be to get your career in order. You may be overcome with the desire to start a side hustle that will set you up for a freer lifestyle in the future or you’ll feel a push to ask for a promotion. Wherever your intuition takes you in this area, rest assured that it is the right direction. Be careful not to be pulled into scams or investments that are downright strange and weird. Just because something is new and hasn’t been tried before, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to put your money into it.



Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.