June Horoscope 2022 June Horoscope 2022

June Horoscope 2022

June Horoscope 2022 June Horoscope 2022

June brings us the wonderful energy of Gemini. Gemini is represented by the twins in the zodiac and is a social, intellectual and variable sign. Gemini natives make friends very easily and are great at holding conversations on any topic. Just don’t be surprised if your Gemini friend, family member or lover seems to have a complete personality change every time you see them; they are essentially two people in the same body! Gemini season can cause issues in our arms, shoulders, lungs and nervous system so be kind to yourself during June. The planets will be moving in all sorts of directions this month. Saturn will go into retrograde motion on the 4th and Neptune will retrograde on the 28th. We will also be blessed with a big, beautiful full super moon in Scorpio on the 14th. Be prepared for lots of inner turmoil and change during June, all of which will be clearing the old you to make way for the new you.



Others will seem to be coming to you for advice and to pick your brains throughout June. This would be fine if you were an expert on the topics which they are asking you about but for the most part, you’ll have to bluff your way through their questions. So, be prepared to feel a little fraudulent after the fact. All Aries natives will be feeling particularly chatty in the bedroom this month and it is a great time to express your wants and needs regardless of how taboo they are. Your partner will be more receptive than usual and you’ll be able to convince them to satisfy your every need in the bedroom as well as outside of it. Single Aries will find themselves in an unexpected, but lovely short-term relationship this month. This is to be enjoyed for what it is: a temporary romance but one that is mutually beneficial.  



The travel bug is going to hit you hard this month Taurus so being aware that your desire to go on a holiday is influenced by the stars might help to curb any impulsive bookings. This desire will also be influenced by a deeper desire which is that of wisdom and learning. Faraway places that are rich in culture and history will call to your inner need to learn about the world in its entirety. It’s not the best month for you to travel so your yearning should only take you as far as Google search. There is movement showing in your 7th house this month with the beginnings of new relationships and love starting to sprout. This will either bring further commitment in your relationship for attached Taureans or a new, long-term love interest for single Taureans. Your attention will be much better spent in this area rather than on travel during June!



Someone younger than you is going to step on your toes this month Gemini. If you are forewarned and prepared then you will be forearmed emotionally and mentally for this little glitch in your life. This person is most likely to appear in your workplace during June and will cause stress and a general sense of annoyance if you let them. If you can ignore any mischief or difficulties that they make and simply get on with your job then they’ll be out of your life in no time as they will only be a very temporary fixture. If you have been considering a business or investment partnership with a friend or family member, this month would be the perfect time to get this off the ground. Sharing or linking your money with someone else’s in any form will bode well for the future if it is started this month. Be sure to draw up a solid legal agreement and away you go!



Big ideas and grand plans (that seem to go to plan) will be your forte this month Cancer. This desire to spice things up in your life and the lives of others will come from a need to have upbeat, positive and fun experiences over the month. You might even find a few new friends along the way! A lot of people are also going to look to you for answers to their problems as you exude an enticing air of confidence. All in all, your social skills will be on point over June. Religion will touch your life in some shape or form this month. You’ll either find yourself being preached to, caught in an odd moment with a friend’s religious beliefs or unintentionally find yourself in a place of worship for an event. Regardless of which religion you come across, there will be a hidden lesson for you in one of its teachings.   



Some past naughtiness concerning your body and how you treated it is going to come back and bite you this month Leo. Overindulgence, carelessness or simply ignoring any signs of health issues are the culprit. Make sure that you get your health checks, follow up with any odd test results and follow through with any recommended treatment. Don’t just pretend that it isn’t there! Leos the world over are going to have some profound spiritual experiences this month. If you are a disbeliever in new age concepts then your ideas will most likely be challenged over June. A few too many coincidences, unexplained occurrences and prophetic dreams or visions are just some examples of what could happen to you over June. You’ll find a new and surprising amount of love in a friendship this month regardless of whether you are single or attached. Remember that love can come in all shapes and forms and can be taken to the next level if you wish to do so.



There’s a determination showing in Virgos this month that is even more pronounced than usual (if that were even possible!) and this determination will be placed solely at the front door of your career. A desire to get ahead in your work, have everything organised and make life easier for the future will overcome you. Just remember that not everyone will be on the same wavelength as you in your workplace so there’s a possibility that your frustration with them could boil over into a biting Virgo huff or a tirade of criticisms. None of which will do you or your reputation any favours. On a positive note, other areas of your life look set to flourish during June. Any hopes or wishes that you’ve harboured for a long time will finally come to fruition and you’ll see positive movement in areas of your life that have long been stagnant.



You’ll be able to manage money extremely effectively this month Libra and it would be a particularly good time to invest in areas that you haven’t gone near before. I guess you could say that there will be a certain intellect present concerning finances that will have eluded you previously. Make the most of this period of financial and material abundance. You’ll be feeling very happy with the way you look during June. You’ll have a new appreciation for areas of your body that you’ve disliked in the past and will find joy and happiness in how your body moves and works for you this month. You will be prone to lower back tension during June but this is the only area that may cause issues. Many past hurts and issues will be resolved this month and some surprise apologies from people who have hurt you in the past might pop up.



June will be a month of contemplation and reflection for you Scorpio. After months of being on the go, you’ll feel the need to crawl back into your Scorpio hideout and spend some time in solitude. This time alone may bring up feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment over the actions you have previously taken or the things that you’ve said to others. These feelings shouldn’t be held onto for too long though as simply recognising them and then releasing them will bring about the best outcome for everyone. Weight gain or loss of too much weight could be a problem this month if you aren’t mindful of your diet. Be sure to eat as healthy as possible so that your body can manage the subtle change in your metabolism during June. It would be helpful to try and leave your Scorpio cave for a moment or two just to get a bit of exercise as well.



Family will dominate your life throughout June Sagi. This is nothing to be concerned about as their presence will bring you so much joy and happiness that you’ll be tickled pink about it all. Long overdue conversations will be had and happy memories of times past will come up. Enjoy having your nearest and dearest connect with you more than usual this month. Romance is going to touch your life in a big way this month. Someone who has had their eye on you for a while will most likely decide to express their admiration with a wonderfully romantic gesture. Enjoy this as much as possible as you are very much in need of a little appreciation and kindness. Be kind to your body and avoid alcohol and rich foods as much as possible over June. Your liver and kidneys will thank you for the gesture plus your energy levels will too!



The creative side of Capricorn gets to shine this month and people will find you an absolute joy to be around because of this. Your child-like spirit is usually hidden behind a serious demeanour but June is going to allow this spirit to come out and play. More than anything this is going to benefit you more so than anyone else as the pent-up energy of the last few months has outworn its welcome. Finding ways to express your childlike spirit will come out in the form of wanting to be around children and going to events or places that are set up for children. June will also bring a period of good luck into your life. Finding money or valuables on the ground, winning small amounts on games and coming across the best opportunities at work and in your social life will all add to your optimism. Enjoy your month ahead Capricorn!



Your nervous system is going to be all wired up and on edge this month Aquarius so it would pay to look after yourself as much as possible. You’ll find that this is going to cause you to be overly sensitive to both physical and mental stimulants that could cause some upheaval. If anything, you should be focused on making June a month of healthy eating, meditation and gentle exercise to alleviate the pressure on your nerves. Aside from this blip, June is going to be a loved-up month for you. Romance will come your way in a variety of forms and you’ll feel like putting a romantic touch on any gestures given. Your positive, loved-up vibes will rub off on others that are around you too. A cause that will stir you up this month will be connected to young mothers and society’s treatment of them. Help out where you can but don’t let this put added strain on your nervous system!



June is going to be a busy month for you Pisces as you find yourself in the middle of lots of activity. This is a particularly good month for creating partnerships and teams in the workplace and you’ll be able to find the right people who will help you advance your career through shared work. The successful negotiation of contracts and agreements will all be within your area of ability this month and you should take advantage of the opportunity to make the most of these. Your sex life and intimacy in general are going to take a turn for the better during June. If there has been a lack of touch, affection, attention or connection in the romantic sense you’ll rediscover these this month. Newly single Pisces natives should pay attention to those around them; there’s a potential love interest who is dropping hints all around you, you simply aren’t picking up on them and will be missing the opportunity to go on a really wonderful date!  


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.