Spontaneous, light and energetic — Gemini Season is upon us. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini season is one for connection & communication and not to mention socialising. Sit back and read on for your June 2021 predictions. 



There will be nothing that seems too hard to handle or too hot to hold this month as June brings a wonderful sense of balance to your life. Other’s may find it hard to pinpoint what is different about you this month as your Aries energy becomes more stable compared to its usual fast-paced, action-taking style. Your physical body and physical world are going to be more important to you than usual during June. Anything that brings the body pleasure will bring you happiness including healthy food, massage, exercise and sex. Sex is going to be your go-to when it comes to finding happiness so just be sure that you don’t let someone else drain you of that happiness while doing the deed! For the attached Aries, an important conversation about finances with your partner this month is going to iron out some past problems surrounding money.



We should all expect to see some bubbly, fast, high-energy Taureans this month! That’s not to say that June is going to go smoothly for you Taurus, but you may find some important life lessons are learnt during this time. This elevated energy in you is going to cause far more spontaneity than is usual for a Taurus. Because you aren’t used to being so impulsive you may land yourself in hot water. Try as hard as you can to toe the line and be careful not to step on other’s toes when it comes to discussing religious or ethical beliefs. You might want to make sure that your large Taurean feet don’t accidentally cross the line when it comes to the law as well. If you can contain your excitement and think things through, you’ll have a blast this month. For those of you who have had a previous run-in with your in-laws, you’ll find that their manner towards you changes to a more pleasant tone.


Your thinking might get you into trouble this month Gemini as it goes into overdrive! You have always had the fabulous ability to be able to think thoroughly through a situation and look at it realistically, but this month you’ll tend towards overthinking which will lead to problems in taking action on anything. Your imagination will take over and you might even find that your usually realistic outlook is taken over by tricks of the mind. Your best course of action will be to take an impulsive approach to any given situation and don’t think too much! Your career is going to be most important to you during June and headway is showing in this area. If you’ve been waiting to be given a bit more responsibility or be recognised for your hard work then this will happen this month. Be aware that your most critical parent is going to up the anti during June. Be prepared to hear from them about everything that you’re doing wrong in life!



Venus is coming into your corner this month Cancer which means that love is going to be in the air. What is most notable about this is that a person who you consider to be a friend is going to offer you a bit of romance. There’s a chance of love blossoming between you and this person around the beginning of the month. In yourself, you’re going to be feeling quite social and will enjoy the company of others. Social gatherings will bring a lot of fun into your life and will also help you to relax. It will be a busy month socially too which is great. Most Cancerians will feel a pull towards doing some form of charity work. Don’t feel guilty if you are lacking in time to do so as it is your conscience that will be pushing for it, not other people.



You need to make an effort to be a bit chattier this month Leo. Don’t bottle everything up and expect things to get better. If someone offends you then let them know otherwise there’ll be a big (and largely over-reactive) explosion from you which won’t bode well for your relationships. Unusually so, you’re going to be a little less charming and fun-loving during June. This will come from your sudden awareness of your flaws and your fixation on how they got there. I guess you could say that it’s a month of realisations, but seeing ourselves for who we really are isn’t always a pleasant experience. If you hear of someone referring to one of these flaws you are bound to get extremely defensive about it, no matter how innocent the comment was. Go to a day spa and relax for a bit this month; you’re going to need it.



Virgos are normally fussy about their appearance (among other things) but this month this tendency to take care of your appearance is going to be amplified. It’s a good opportunity to change your style as you’ll be more open and receptive to new fashions and trends which often pass you by since you find it hard to break away from your style routine. A lot of Virgos are going to be spending extra on clothes, skin treatments, beauty products and accessories as June goes by. This is great as it’s about time that you did so, other people are also going to notice the extra attention that you’re giving yourself and respond favourably to it. You might find an unusual amount of people flirting with you this month and offering to take you out. Your confidence is going to be at its optimum level during June so make the most of the flattering comments that will be the result of this.



Spend, spend, spend will be your motto this month Libra. But hey, you only live once, right? As far as the planets are concerned your spending habits during June aren’t going to cause a major financial dilemma so you can buy what you like without feeling guilty. This nagging desire to buy bits and pieces that you don’t need will be driven by your longing to be rewarded for all the hard work that you’ve put into life over the last few months. To be honest, you really deserve to feel some pleasure from a bit of retail therapy. On a more serious note, June will be a month of self-reflection. You’ll want to assess your personality, where you place your values and how others view you. This might lead to some wonderful moments of daydreaming and a chance to sit back from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Enjoy your month Libra; you deserve this time.



A beautiful harmony between you and your co-workers is going to give you a bit of a pick me up when it comes to getting up for work in the morning this month Scorpio. Where there may have been tension, frustration or cattiness in the workplace previously, you’ll find that everyone seems much more agreeable with you during June. One factor that might be causing this balance at work will be that you’ll be focused and able to multitask during the week, which is going to make everyone else’s week easier. You’ll also be seen as quite helpful this month, not only at work but also in general everyday life. Short trips are showing this month for you to Scorpio, although look at them as long, enjoyable drives to places that you normally wouldn’t go. June is going to be a month where a beautiful calmness descends upon you and where you’ll be able to enjoy all aspects of your life.



Your talents and abilities are going to be called upon during June Sagittarius. The most likely form of help that you’ll be asked for is in the form of caring or looking after someone else. This could be a very short babysitting situation or a day or two whereby someone needs hands-on care. You’ve been asked for help for a reason and that reason is that you’re trusted and will brighten up that person’s day. If you are a Sagi parent you might find yourself being a little more concerned than usual about your children. Usually, your carefree nature makes for a fun and happy home, but this month might make you a bit more uptight and worried which will reflect onto your family. The same goes for your surroundings at home. Relax a little and try not to put too much emphasis on cleaning, washing, vacuuming and other chores. After all, you’re not a Virgo; you’re a lovely Sagittarius!



With Pluto mulling about in your chart, June is going to be an interesting time for you Capricorn. With that said, it also comes with a warning. Intensity is probably the best word to use here and it will govern a lot of your emotions, thoughts and actions over the month. Romantic relationships are going to be intense regardless of whether you have been with someone for a long time or not and your intensity may cause conflict as you become unusually obsessed with your partner’s whereabouts and movements. This is interesting because you will be expecting the freedom to do as you wish. So, watch out for appearing hypocritical. This intensity would be much better channelled into your work and into any sports that you are involved with. You’ll find that your intensity will have a positive effect on others in these areas and will cause them to put you in a position of leadership, which we all know you love Capricorn.  



I’ve never known an Aquarius to be conservative, which is making this month an odd one whereby you’ll be drawn to more conservative ideas and actions. This may cause some inner conflict as you question yourself and become alarmed at these new trains of thought. June looks to be a very productive month for you though Aquarius as you become temporarily grounded and practical in your approach to all things. This will be extremely useful around the home as you have a moment of desire to put everything in order and sort out those cupboards that have been crammed with junk for the last five years. In the workplace, you might find some frustration as you are overlooked by your superiors and held back by unorganised inferiors. Try to let it go as it won’t be of any use to you to try and change your colleague's minds this month.



You might suspect that a bit of bad karma has come back at you this month Pisces; which it has. It’s a balancing act when it comes to karma and this month is simply your turn to take a minor hit from it. Other than this, you’re going to be feeling emotionally settled, confident and well. Any healthy habits that you take part in this month, whether it’s healthy eating or exercise, will help you grow your confidence even more. Even your escapist tendency towards daydreaming won’t shatter the good impressions that others will have of you. A chance meeting this month with someone new who has a different cultural background and story to you will attract and intrigue you. Be aware of letting others pay for dinner, drinks or anything else. They’ll expect to be paid back in the future when you least expect it (and when your cash flow isn’t so great).


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.