Perceptive, intuitive, calm and cool as a cucumber — Cancer Season is upon us. Ruled by the moon,  Cancer season is one for dreaming and resting, which we are here for! Sit back and read on for your July 2021 predictions. 



Quite often you’ll get your way Aries but this month you’d be wise to not be too demanding less it ruins your reputation for the future. Your desire to succeed and be the best will be in overdrive this month which will make you more competitive with others than usual. Be careful not to come across as uncooperative at work during July. The same goes for your personal life this month. If you are expecting great things from your partner or spouse and they don’t deliver on these expectations don’t throw all of your toys out of the cot in a tantrum. Chances are that your expectations were a little over the top anyway. The best activities to channel your energy into this month would be competitive sports or a high-intensity gym class. One of these activities will help you blow off some of that excess steam that will be whirling away inside you during July.



Your friendships will be important to you this month Taurus and their presence will take up most of your time during July. This may cause you to ignore other areas of your life that require attention such as the upkeep of your home, your family or that downtime that is so important to you. Your attachment to your friends this month may also cause you single Taureans to miss out on a good opportunity when it comes to love. If you are asked out on a date by a potential suitor don’t delay the date for too long just because you have friendship dates to attend to. On a funnier note, you’ll be feeling a little mischievous during July Taurus. Any signs which say ‘don’t enter’ or ‘don’t touch’ will be a calling for you to do the opposite. Breaking small rules is going to be too tempting!



All Geminis will be the voice of reason during July. Your advice is going to be sought after and the rest of the zodiac signs will listen carefully to what you have to say. Your inner twins are going to bring a balanced view to all areas of life and will allow you to see (quite clearly) both sides of a story. Use this gift as much as possible this month as it will put you in good stead with everyone around you. Another positive side-effect of this will be that people will want to help you out in any way they can to say thank you. Expect abundance to flow easily into your life this month. July looks set to be a rather pleasant month for you Gemini and you’ll find that you have plenty of free time to do the things you love. A good book is going to do your soul wonders and give you the break from reality that you’ll need.  



It’s going to be another positive month ahead for you Cancer as everything aligns to make you happy. Love is going to be another positive theme for you this month as Cancerian marriages and relationships take a turn for the better and your other half connects with you on a deeper level which is entirely in-tune with your needs. A spell of daydreaming is going to bring some amazing ideas to you this month. These ideas are most likely going to involve your career or potential career paths so make sure that you write these all down for safekeeping! Creativity around the home is going to be a key focus for you during July. This might entail crafts or hands-on home improvements, but another side to this that will make you smile is the research process behind it all. Anything which satisfies your inner creative bug will bring happiness to you during July.



You’ll be networking like a pro during July Leo as your self-love and drive combine to make you highly social, attractive to others and fun to be around. It’s a good month to be a Leo because of this and you’ll be feeling upbeat and happy which is only going to help matters. Your networking is going to be mostly relegated to social networking. Even networking that concerns your career is going to somehow morph into friendship networking. It will be a busy month with lots of invitations to various events and there’s a possibility that you’ll meet someone special this month if you are a single Lion. Simply keep your eyes and ears open and don’t forget to pay attention to this new love interest even though your friends might all be vying for your attention at the same time. You’ll find that any health issues from the past seemingly disappear over July and you’ll be feeling full of beans both day and night!   



Don’t feel obliged to complete all tasks yourself this month Virgo. Be sure to ask for help and allow yourself to trust others to complete these tasks too. Your analytical mind is going to go into overdrive as it becomes influenced by a very strong intuition of yours during July. This will make for some extremely amazing ideas and solutions to problems, but it will also cause conflict within you as you try to decide who is right: your intuitive side or your practical side. Go with what your intuition is telling you this month rather than what your practical side is telling you. Be careful of snapping at others this month as your critical eye finds the faults in everything. This snappy behaviour won’t only hurt the victim of your onslaught but also yourself as you’ll instantly regret the behaviour and dwell on it. Watch out for digestion issues and leg cramps this month Virgo and be sure to take your magnesium pills!



Caring for others is going to be a driving force for you during July Libra as you seek to show others how happy they can really be in their lives. This kind gesture is going to touch a few people this month and change their path for the better so consider where you’d like to put this energy the most whether it be amongst people you know or a charitable cause. Your appearance is going to be important to you during July as you try to create a happy, friendly and approachable front for others. Expect to unintentionally spend more on beauty products and clothing this month because of this. You’ll also be thinking a lot more than usual about how your hold yourself and your posture this month! During July most Librians will face at least one situation where they will have to be the diplomat: this could be between friends, family or co-workers. You’ll be in the best position of anyone to solve this crisis though!



July is going to be a great month to transform your finances Scorpio and who’s better at the act of transformation than you? No one! If money has been a little tight or elusive of late then this can be fixed this month. You’ll have a good eye for picking out the right investment opportunities this month and an unusual situation will pop up whereby you’ll be rewarded financially for the information you give about someone else. July is shaping up to be a busy month socially for you which might not be exactly what you’ll want. There’ll be a desire to hibernate this month but you’ll find yourself being dragged out from your Scorpion cave more often than you like. Unfortunately, the social occasions that crop up will be too important to make excuses about why you can’t attend. Don’t let this bring your mood down though, as it’s really no one’s fault in particular.  



There’s an expansion in your finances this month Sagittarius. This could be due to a work-related event such as a promotion or pay rise or a decent return on an investment. No matter how this money comes to you be sure to use it wisely and not flit it away which will be what your Sagi heart will be telling you to do. Optimism is the general vibe that you’ll be feeling and putting out during July. You’ll be able to pick others up out of their dark emotional hole and bring them back into the world of positivity, usually through your gift for storytelling. You might find that your mind won’t be working as well as it usually does this month Sagittarius. With your abundance of optimism will come a brain fog that makes you forget even the simplest of things. Don’t panic though as it’s just a temporary glitch.



A strange dynamic is going to be stirring around you this month Capricorn and it will make those who are closest to you feel like they don’t actually know you at all. You’re usually level-headed, don’t take risks and keep your own council, but during July you’ll appear to exhibit the opposite of these traits. What will really be going on will be an inner struggle of the conscious and subconscious mind. On one hand, your logic will be telling you to make stable decisions and then on the other hand your subconscious will be telling you to be radical and do the opposite. It will be just as frustrating for others as it will be for you. The good news is that this new you will get others excited to be around you. It’ll be a nice change from the usual you. Just watch for impulsive decisions involving the home: you really don’t need to strip the house and remodel every room this month.



Take it slow and steady this month Aquarius; you’ll have free time to do so. This is not a month whereby you’ll be rushed in any sense. Even emotionally and mentally there’ll be a calm and steady slowness to you which will pay dividends when it comes to your health. Taking on a project or hobby that encourages this slow pace would be perfect for you this month. Think along the lines of doing a large puzzle or making a handmade gift for your loved one. Anything that is slow-paced will bring you joy. A small warning is showing for you during July: don’t place too much pressure on those you love by expecting their attention all the time. Just because you are moving at a slow and steady pace, it doesn’t mean that everyone else has the time to stare into their loved one’s eyes all day.



A bit of luck is on your side this month Pisces and it will show in small ways which will make your heart shine. Finding a bit of money on the footpath, getting given a freebie at the store or being praised by your boss for something you didn’t expect praise for are all possible this month. Be careful not to slack off at work this month though. The same goes for chores around the house too (particularly if you live with someone else). This tendency to be lazy this month might catch up on you before the month is up and the opinion of others will turn again you if you aren’t careful. On a health note, be sure to take care of yourself this month. Upset stomachs are showing from over-indulgence all of which will stem from daydreaming while eating. Stay focused and be proactive and July will treat you well.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.