Aquarius season has arrived and so has your February horoscope. Read on for your February 2021 predictions. 



Be aware of trying to be the centre of attention this month Aries as you may find that you put some people off. You are a natural at holding the forecourt and being the focus of any social situation, but this month you just need to take a step back. Most people will be preoccupied with someone or something other than you and forceful manoeuvres to get their attention won’t play out so well. Be careful not to overindulge around the 16th to the 22nd of February as you might find that unwanted weight will pile on during this time! You’ve had a few months of new beginnings, and this month will be no different. If you have a project that you want to get off the ground or that you have already started on then continue to work hard at this as it’s going to pay off long term.



As the Master of routine, you might have to pass this hat over to someone else during February Taurus (maybe your Cancerian friend would benefit from wearing it). As soon as you try to pin down a routine something else will come up that will flout your plans. Money is going to fall through your fingers during February as your impulsive side dominates you. You’ll end up spending money on things which you don’t need, let alone want, and it’ll leave a hole in your heart (and your wallet) by the time March rolls around. So, for this reason, keep away from shopping malls! A surprise visit from an old friend or family member will be a welcome surprise and worth giving up your plans for this month. Be careful about putting unrealistic emotional demands on your partner,  they can’t be everything, all the time for you!



It’s a good luck month for you Gemini! You’ll receive lots of good news throughout February, some of which will benefit you directly and some of which will benefit those that you are closest to (particularly if they are a fellow Gemini family member). Communications of all kinds are standing out in your chart this month and you can expect to hear juicy gossip, receive welcoming letters and messages, and have some really beautiful, in-depth discussions with others. If you’re a single Gemini, anyone that you date or come across as potential love match won’t adhere to the 3-day communication rule; they’ll get back to you quickly to arrange a second date! In your downtime, you’ll find that crossword puzzles and tasks which require intricate thinking, as well as pure focus, will be relaxing (much to the horror of the other eleven signs). Enjoy your month you lucky thing!



You are going to flip between being an independent, social butterfly to a needy moth that is attracted to even the most dangerous of flames this month Cancer. This will be due to your fluctuating emotions which will make you feel upbeat, energetic and powerful one moment and then insecure, lonely and depleted of all energy the next. Keep a check on your emotions during February and take a moment to understand that they are temporary. You should be able to avoid any negative attachments to people who aren’t any good for you if you practice some awareness (this is going to be especially important if you are a single Cancerian!). At the end of February, you’ll find joy in down-to-earth tasks as the full moon pushes you to reconnect with nature. Grab one of your friends and go for a walk or a stroll along the beach. Anything that is troubling you this month will be resolved by getting out into nature.   



How well do you know your family Leo? Have you been keeping in touch with them as much as you should over this busy time? If you haven’t had the time, you’ll find that you’ll be given the chance to reconnect with them this month. There’s news that will pull you all together again, and this news might be good or it might be bad, but either way, it has a purpose. If it is bad news that is bringing you all back together try not to be too bossy with the family member in question. Your tendency to take the lead in a situation might cause discord between yourself and others, and in this instance, it will be in your best interests to take a step back. There may be minor setbacks at work during February such as restructuring or people leaving the office for good. This will work out in your favour long term though.



February is a flirty, fun month for you Virgo, and with the full moon set to shine a light on you at the end of the month. You’ll be prone to forming some amazing emotional ties with potential love interests during February. Your naturally mysterious and aloof demeanour is going to work wonders for your sex appeal and chances are that you’ll have potential suitors lining up to fight for your attention and affection. A potential love affair with a married or already attached mate is going to be put in front of you during February. Be careful what you choose to do with this as it will be temporary rather than long-term. Anything to do with acting or the arts is going to bring you great joy this month. Go to the theatre, see some movies and visit the art gallery. You could even kill two birds with one stone by doing one of these activities while on a date with one of your new suitors!



It’s your turn to feel a little out of sorts this month Libra. Usually, you are well balanced and even-tempered, but February is going to throw you some curveballs. If anything, you need to make sure that you aren’t burning the candle at both ends during February. You tend to give it all you’ve got and be there for everyone else, but this month you just need to do you. If you choose to people-please, your health is going to suffer as you neglect yourself in order to fulfil commitments, with your diet being of most concern. And when your body doesn’t feel right this has a negative effect on your mood and naturally cheery demeanour, so be aware of saying ‘yes’ to everyone. On another note, February is going to be a month of decluttering and re-organising around the home and at work. This decluttering might also include a decluttering of people in your life. It will be a busy month but remember you are in charge of what you choose to do!



Obsessive research and insight into property and the market is going to take up a lot of your time this month Scorpio. Obsessive is your middle name, but you are likely going to take this beyond that this month! So where will this drive be coming from?...the lack of other areas in your life that need attention of course. Make sure that you don’t discard other opportunities this month as your property research goes into overdrive. People will only be able to listen to so much of it before they get bored of your company. If you’re going on a date with a potential love interest or your partner then mindfully refrain from bringing up anything to do with your new-found interest; ask them about themselves instead. If you are a single Scorpio who has been slowly establishing a relationship, you’ll see the fruits of your labour this month. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so make sure that you make the most of it with a small token of your affection (and attention) rather than something grand which will fall short of impressing.



Don’t get too caught up on your perception of the truth this month Sagi. You’ll be good at twisting things to suit your motives, but this might backfire on you later in the month. Any conversations which cover religion or politics should be avoided at all costs as you’ll get all fired up and lose some important friendships if the conversation goes too deep. An ex-lover is going to pop back up in your life during February, with chances that they’ll reach out around the middle of the month and/or Valentine's day. Accept the truth that they are in your past for a reason, as nothing of any good can come from reconnecting with them. There looks to be change in your career and work circumstances as you upskill or accept a new position that is on offer. Go for it! It will set you off on a good career path for the rest of the year!



Charisma should be your middle name this month Capricorn as you’ll be able to charm the pants off anyone during February, particularly your boss and co-workers. Your reputation is going to reach a peak during February with praise and admiration to follow. This is not only at work but also in social settings and romantically. If you are an attached Capricorn your partner is going to be especially loving and will bend to your every need this month. If you are single, you’ll be able to lure someone in who you consider to be a very fortunate match. You might need to consult with a financial expert this month. Your finances are going to be in very good shape and money will flow easily from unexpected sources. Get a professional to put it all in order and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank for the rest of 2021.



Your dual nature is going to be particularly prominent throughout February Aquarius. Your base element of air is going to make you friendly and adaptable to others one minute, but then your secondary element of water is going to make you overly emotional and erratic the next. You might need to just ride through this emotional rollercoaster this month but be aware of some of the defensive strategies that you’re going to fall back on. Your working life is going to be affected the most in this area, so when you get tired or frustrated with others at work, you’ll resort to putting up an arrogant and self-important front. It’s not going to help anything so catch yourself out when you do it. Some impulsive pursuits are going to light you up during February, and why not embrace your beautiful airy side by visiting a high-rise building, climbing mountains or going skydiving? All Aquarians, male or female, are going to be more in touch with their feminine side during February; it’s a chance to be creative, sensual and open to fulfilling your deepest desires.



February will see you flit from one brilliant idea to the next Pisces as your mind and, most importantly, your imagination, go into overdrive. This is nothing to be worried about or afraid of as this whirlwind of thought and creativity is going to cause others to see your unique potential; particularly at work and with your boss. Emotionally, you may be feeling a little over-sensitive this month. This will cause your shy side to become dominant in social situations, but don’t feel pressured to be more boisterous as your delicate disposition is worth taking care of more so than impressing others. Salespeople and retail stores are going to love you this month as you’ll be easily swayed by the latest fashions and newest technology. In fact, it might be an idea to steer clear of salespeople and shops in general as much as possible this month. Also, leave the latest fashion magazine on the shelf: you don’t need to be enticed by any more things that you don’t need!


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.