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Azalea cami + short set Azalea cami + short set

It’s Aquarius season and you can be sure to look forward to a fairly steady month ahead. Mercury is currently retrograding in the sign of Aquarius and will go into direct motion on the 3rd of February. This change should make things a little more settled at work and at home which should translate into harmonious and happy relationships. Any issues surrounding technology should also come right as Mercury’s regular energy returns. Aquarius often gets mistaken for being a water sign when it is actually an air sign. This in itself shows how ‘out-of-the-box’ the Aquarius energy is and something that can’t be completely understood unless you are an Aquarian yourself. Aquarius natives are unique, friendly, progressive, eccentric and individualistic. Without them, the zodiac would be quite ordinary. Aquarius is also the sign of humanitarianism and underdogs will always be championed by Aquarius as everything that an Aquarian does comes from a place of helping to make humanity better.   



Trends come and go Aries and this month it might pay to remember that so that you don’t go investing heavily in a trend that you’re not really into. Anything that has a health, wellness or fitness aspect to it is most likely to be the culprit. Maybe dip your toes in the water of this fad before buying all the gear needed to look the part. This month, most Aries natives will meet someone who will expand their mind and open up their spiritual side. This could be in the form of a love relationship, a new friendship or a teacher. No matter who this person is to you their passion for spirituality and for helping others will inspire you to listen more than you usually do. Restraint will be needed when faced with a highly charged situation in February. Take a step back and let the other person do all the talking. It will turn out that you are in the right anyway.



Your relationships are looking very good this month Taurus! When it comes to romance and love there’s an expansion to how much of this you receive during February. If you’ve found yourself lacking in this area for a while then you’ll see a complete change coming up. Single Taureans are going to benefit the most from this expansion of love as your governing planet Venus works her magic on your love life. Expect to meet new potential partners as well as an actual partner. Now is the time to put yourself out there as much as possible to help this energy manifest. Any work or business partnerships are also going to prosper under this month’s energy. A renewed sense of teamwork and loyalty will overcome these partnerships as people find it easier to understand you. A new gadget or piece of technology will grab your attention this month. Just ask yourself whether you really need it or not.



A desperate need to get away this month will overcome you at some point Gemini. It might pay to try and curb this with other interests though as it will be your irrational, impulsive twin who resides within you that will be causing this restlessness. Getting away doesn’t need to involve actual travel (national or international) so find a quiet space to let your inner twin rest to satisfy this need to escape elsewhere. Your intuition and insight will be on point this month and you’ll be able to pick up on what other people are thinking and feeling, regardless of whether you are close to them or not. You could use this to your advantage in your love life to either bag a lover if you’re single or to placate your other half if things have been a bit off lately. The ball is in your court and what you do with it is up to you.



You’ll find yourself wanting to take a natural approach to everything this month as you find enjoyment in the outdoors and an appreciation for the benefits of natural living. This will mostly translate into changing your diet to reflect your newfound wisdom but you will also find pleasure in putting plans in place to create a better flow in your work habits. Being around animals will enhance your mood this month. Petting them, cuddling them and communicating with them in any manner will bring positive vibes. You might even find that you commit to owning a new furry friend. An encounter with a new friend of another culture will expand your knowledge and bring the two of your closer together as you enjoy your differences as well as your likenesses. Do not lobby for change to work processes and procedures at work during February as this could backfire dramatically in the following months.



Try not to exaggerate when it comes to your successes this month Leo. Also, avoid covering up your failures. Someone within your family will find out the truth if you aren’t being truthful and then you will never hear the end of the teasing over it all. Parties and other large social situations where you can stand out amongst the crowd are going to give you a platform to shine and exhibit yourself. This will be particularly good for single Leos out there and any social situation is going to bring out the best of your charisma. Watch out for contracts of any description during February. For a start, they will bore you and this will lead to you missing some of the fine print in the deal. If you have to work with contracts as part of your job then double and triple check your work throughout the month.



A beautiful, childlike playfulness will overcome you this month Virgo which, as we all know, is highly unusual for any Virgo native. You’ll be acting more like a lovely, frisky Leo rather than a well organised Virgo and it’s about time you let your hair loose. A good area to channel this energy into would be your love life. Single Virgos will be able to enjoy openly flirting with others and attached Virgos will be able to show affection a lot easier than usual. Combine this with Virgo’s analytical nature and we should see a whirlwind of people getting caught up in the new Virgo charm this month. Any new goals that relate to health and fitness will be easily achieved during February. With this in mind, pushing yourself further would be an excellent idea. Your body will be strong and serve you well during February. Be sure to use this to your advantage in any way possible.



You cannot fix the world all on your own Libra and you’ll find this out if you try to do so this month. February is going to be a frustrating month for you as you try to help others in any way you can only to feel like that help is being thrown back in your face. Double-check if someone is actually requesting your services and dial back the infatuation with helping them before you jump in headfirst. Money is going to flow easily for you during February and someone else’s loss will turn out to be your gain. Don’t feel bad or upset over this exchange of energy as it is meant to be and you deserve it. If you have siblings be sure to keep out of any disputes between them. Playing the mediator will land you in hot water with both of them even if you were only trying to help out.



You might feel an overwhelming desire to recreate your image this month Scorpio. It’s not that you care about what other people think of you but you’ll want to steer them in a different direction when it comes to how they approach you and talk to you. This recreation of your image won’t follow current trends so it might take a little effort to really portray what you’re wanting to. Keep things below extravagant and you’ll be fine! Some issues from your childhood or younger years may come to the surface this month as a reminder of what is and isn’t important to you. Do not let these issues take hold. You may find that you dwell on them for a few days near the end of the month and that will be your cue to let them go again. Past mistakes with money will pay off as you magically avoid a financial pitfall during February.



Your mind will be in overdrive during February as Mercury takes hold in your chart. The majority of Sagittarians should expect headaches and fatigue as the mind depletes your energy. It might be a good opportunity to learn how to calm the mind down and meditate. This won’t only help you long term but it will help to curb the physical effects of this mind/body conundrum. Being around children is going to help this over-active mind of yours during February as well. Children will help you to forget the heavier things that you’re thinking of and relax a little through fun, light-hearted activity. Sagittarians have a natural affinity with children and they’ll delight in the attention as much as you will. Steer clear of anything that feels ‘off’ spiritually or emotionally. If someone makes you feel horrible by just being around them or if a spiritual practise feels like it’s verging on dark magic then remove yourself from the person or situation.  



February is looking a little bumpy when it comes to decision making and a lot of the decisions you make will be off. This will come from a disconnect between your logical mind and your intuition. Capricorns are naturally gifted with foresight but this month this ability will be dormant. If you are planning on moving house or buying a house this month then it might pay to put this off until at least March so that you are making choices when your mind is on point. Capricorns all over the world are going to become chameleons this month as they change their colours, their conversation, their mannerisms and characters to fit in with other people. Do not be surprised if you find yourself agreeing with the most wayward ideas that someone has or using hand gestures that you never use. All of this will work in your favour for the future and make others see a lighter side of you.



D.I.Y. will make up a lot of your spare time this month Aquarius as the desire to use your hands and be extremely practical takes hold of you. The passion and optimism needed to make these home improvements successful will be on your side and you’ll find some hidden talents along the way. You might even find some unexpected help from neighbours or friends as your optimism for these projects becomes infectious. Practicality will also take hold with your finances this month and you’ll have a good understanding of your finances and what should be done to enhance your financial position. If you have been aiming to get a home loan or other finance from a bank then you’ll have more success in obtaining this during February. In matters of love, Aquarians will benefit greatly from romantic gestures. Whether you are giving or receiving these gestures, they will open up new doors when it comes to the heart and will solidify relationships.



Championing the underdog will be a cause close to your heart this month Pisces and the best way in which you can do this is by donating some of your time to charity. Not only will this help you fulfil this need but it will also help you gain a bunch of new friends. You’ll relate well to many groups of people during February and getting out and about like this will widen your circle. Even though you are prone to daydreaming, February is showing as a relatively good month for you in terms of your mental abilities. Your mind will be sharp and focused and you’ll be able to make decisions based on reality and fact rather than relying on your intuition as you usually do. Trying to change yourself to up your profile at work will work against you. Just be yourself and better opportunities will come your way.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.