It's December and Saggittarious season is here to light 2020 on fire! Read on for your December predictions and what's in store for the 2020 season finale.



All work and no play can make Aries rather grumpy. Be sure to counteract this with lots of catch-ups with friends this month Aries. Work is going to take up a lot of your time in December but be careful that you don’t get stuck giving all of your attention to this area of your life. You’ll be pulled into dramas at work and your fighting spirit will be activated by the desire to win when par-taking in these dramas. You may need to sacrifice your ego by admitting some small slip-ups that you’ve made in the past, but other than this you’ll come out better off than others that are involved. Expect money to flow easily during December. Ask for that pay rise at work too- you’ll be able to talk your boss into it. On the romantic front, there’s someone shy and coy who you’ll cross paths with. Take the lead and take what you want; they’ll gladly let you lead them along until you’re finished with them.



Taurus you have a month of discoveries and excitement ahead of you, which will mostly be due to your current path of spiritual enlightenment and growth. Your mind is expanding and you’ll find that you are much more receptive to and swayed by the viewpoints of others. It’s out of character for you since you have such a stable and fixed mindset so just be aware that this openness might unsettle you a bit. Be wary of leaving your drinks unattended while out in public this month as there is some unsavoury activity showing around this. All in all, though, December looks to be a very social month for you and one which you will enjoy. Just remember that there is more to life than just partying though otherwise, we’ll have lots of Taureans welcoming in the new year feeling flat, deflated, exhausted and hungover!



A close friend is going to need your care and attention this month Gemini. Something big will befall upon one of your friends and you’ll need to help them pick up the emotional pieces of the situation. You have the most wonderful ability to help people with your communication style and this friend will benefit from your kind words and support. Your emotions might run a little high this month as the busy Christmas period approaches. I expect some Gemini’s to shut down and stop talking as the month drags on (just note, that Gemini never stops talking by the way). Be sure to take some time out at home to get away from the stress and to recharge your batteries. You’ll cross paths with a potential love interest at a Christmas party this month, although you’ll soon discover that their personality isn’t as attractive as you initially thought.



Love is high on the agenda this month Cancer and you might find that you are a little more flirtatious than usual. Single Cancerians will literally come out of their crab shell and be warm, friendly and attractive during December. Let your emotional side shine through as this will attract a potential love interest easier than usual. For attached Cancerians, be careful not to upset your partner with unintentional flirty behaviour towards others. There are lots of creative outlets showing for you during December Cancer. You’ll feel an uncanny urge to start making crazy Christmas decorations as well and this might be something which you’ll be spending all of your spare time on this month. It’s a little strange since you aren’t always this way inclined, but your inner child is going to want to come out to play and create. Your energy levels look good this month. Make the most of the Christmas Spirit! 



If getting into an exercise regime has been a hard task of late then try initiating it this month, particularly if you were looking to take on something like a gym membership, cross-fit or aerobic exercise. You’ll have a better chance during December of sticking to this newfound exercise regime, PLUS, you’ll start on the right foot for the beginning of summer. Speaking of feet, for any Leos who have had pain, muscles cramps or aches in the feet or legs, you’ll find some reprieve from this during December. Be careful not to step on other people’s toes at work. You might know that you are in the right or that your way of doing things is going to be better than the next person’s, but trying to manage others and boss them around will turn into a nightmare situation for you. Keep it cool Leo and be your own boss this month rather than the boss of others. You might mistake their interest in what you’re saying as a call for help.                              



Virgo, you have a wonderful month ahead and will spend many happy moments with others throughout December. Spouses and partners are going to bring you much joy this month as you slowly relax into the end of the year. Your normal petulance to criticise your nearest and dearest is going to take a backseat this month as you find perfection in the imperfect aspects of them. For the single Virgo, expect to meet someone new around the middle of December. They won’t be your usual type but they’ll bring you great joy and be fun to hang around. Be careful with your health this month Virgo as any area of health that has been neglected for a while will start to act like a squeaky wheel. Lots of exercise and healthy eating leading up to Christmas are a must for you during December.



Money is going to come to you from an outside source this month Libra. It might be in the form of a monetary Christmas gift, a loan, a tax refund or some other area. It’s not a huge amount but it will uplift your spirits a little regardless. Avoid any vices during December as you’ll end up delving deeper into them than what you intend to. Your ability to feel what others are feeling is going to be heightened this month, and it’s worth noting that this is something to be mindful of. If you’re feeling upset, unbalanced, angry or depressed for no reason, take a look at who you’ve been socialising with lately as it’s most that their emotions are affecting you rather than your own. Expect to feel a little low energetically during December Libra- your scales will be swinging wildly from side to side, which doesn’t make for a happy Librian! Take the time to re-group and read a book so that you can bring your scales back to a balanced position.



Love will be at the top of your mind this month Scorpio as you seek the comforting, nurturing and beautiful energy of romance. Romance may have been missing in your life for a while and this month will see you reconnect with your spiritual side by bringing balance and happiness to your emotional side. Watch that you don’t go overboard with the romantic gestures though. People who are very practical will spark your interest this month; not just in a romantic sense, but in general. If you hold yourself to high standards during December, you’ll benefit immensely from the opportunities that this will bring to you. Others will find you to be trustworthy, organised and easy to be around and this may lead to promotions or invitations to exclusive parties. Sugar and alcohol should be limited this month…your body and mind will be slightly addicted to the effects of these during December.



Are you ready to be the star of your very own show this month Sagi? People are going to be interested in what you have to say and will be impressed by how you handle yourself this month. This will be particularly true when it comes to your employer or boss. Don’t be surprised if they hand over a little more authority to you over the coming weeks as they’ll be testing your ability to manage more responsibility in the future. Stay productive and realistic with your ideas and you could turn this into a very beneficial promotion in the coming months. Watch for daydreaming and distractions which may jeopardise these opportunities. Any excuses that you use this month to explain failings on your part won’t be believed by others. Make sure that you take a trip away at the end of the month Sagittarius. It’ll make your soul happy and allow you to recharge after the busy December that you’ll be having.



Your social circle is going to expand during December Capricorn and it’s been a long time coming. You tend to hold dear those who can be of benefit to you in a practical way, but this month you’ll start to see some unusual characters reaching out to be friends with you. This is a change for the better and you’re going to find that some of these new friends are quite tenacious yet bring you great joy. Your finances are going to be up and down during December. Money will seem to flow into your life quite easily, but then it will be spent just as quickly as it came in. On the whole, December looks to be a social and uplifting month for you although you may be prone to bouts of uneasiness around the middle of the month. This is due to the cosmic shifts in your chart as 2020 has been particularly soul shifting on Capricorn sun signs this year!



Have you been giving less than you’ve been receiving lately Aquarius? December marks the end of this generous period from others towards you. If a family member or friend becomes stand-offish or hostile this month you can guarantee that they’ve reached the end of the tether with you. During December you need to be giving and gifting in order to bring balance back to your relationships. It might be a bit of a dull month for you as feelings of loneliness and isolation may creep in. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be no social interaction with others, but it will seem like they just don’t understand you. More than ever, your humanitarian side is going to come forth during December. Expect to be truly outraged and furious over social injustices in the world today. On a positive note, you’ll get great pleasure from helping the under-dog of any situation. This in turn will help balance out that giving/receiving energy that needs to be worked on.



At no other time during 2020 will you have felt as amazing as you do during December Pisces! Call it a coming into your own, self-acceptance or confidence, but whatever it is it will make you feel proud to be you. This confidence that you’ll exude during December will make others sit up and take notice of you. Your naturally mysterious, Piscean nature will intrigue them and have them chasing you down (particularly when it comes to the opposite sex!). Be aware that this period of self-love is going to make you a bit absent-minded. Hiccups at work are very likely and the absentmindedness might also extend to social situations whereby you miss important parts of conversations and diverge from the subjects at hand. Romance is in the air for you this month too Pisces. Enjoy being admired and worshipped for being you.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.