Grounding, pragmatic and indulgent; Taurus season is a time for practicality and self-love. Get cosy, and read on for your May 2021 predictions.



A bad case of itchy feet is going to plague you this month Aries as you long to travel and see the world. Given that we are currently going through a pandemic and travel is virtually impossible, this desire is going to cause quite a bit of frustration! It might be a good idea to remedy this need by researching those faraway places that you’d like to visit and planning your adventures for the future. In line with this need to see the world this month lies a series of events that will open your mind to the plight of others, specifically their struggles and beliefs which will differ from your own. Keep a check on your actions during May; any impulsive behaviour that comes off the back of a dare or challenge will land you in hot water. If there’s a slight risk involved it’d be best not to dive in!



A run-in with your most dominant parent is set to play out this month and you won’t like one bit what they have to say! This clash of views is going to cause some heated arguments and some silent treatment over May but come the end of the month you’ll realise that this parent only has your best interests at heart. Chances are that you’ll be in the wrong Taurus as you’ll be feeling restless over the month. This restlessness is going to be most prominent in regards to your career and job. A desire for new challenges and a change to your work-life routine will be at the top of your mind as you try to make your life more interesting and pleasant. You might find yourself in the public eye for a brief moment this month as the spotlight will somehow find its way to you. On a positive note, you’ll be seen as kind-hearted and generous by most people during May.  



Your mind and social calendar will be in over-drive this month Gemini as a couple of important transits happen for you in May. What is most notable about this month is that there’s the potential for you to meet someone through a mutual friend. Don’t be afraid of set-ups and blind dates as your friends will have your back when it comes to setting you up with someone decent. You’ll have a wonderful blend of abilities this month that will work well in social settings. On one hand, you’ll be able to observe underlying emotions that are running through the crowd and on the other hand you’ll be able to take the floor and be the centre of attention. All of which will come across as sexy, charming and graceful. Family and friends are going to make you feel needed and loved this month which will help to melt away any insecurities that have been lurking about.



What may start as a month of confusion, disorganisation and low moods will turn into a month of completeness and contentment for you Cancer. A lot of unfinished business is going to be completed this month particularly when it comes to areas which concern yourself and who you are. Those doubts about yourself that have caused you to feel a bit lost with who you are and which have caused insecurity and tears will be transformed. This month you’ll realise that you’re a pretty awesome person who does a lot of good for the world. Tinkering with technology or little gadgets is going to help you relax this month and will allow your mind to drift and daydream. Be careful of getting roped into conspiracy theories or strange movements this month as you’ll be more susceptible to being manipulated and convinced of far-out ideas by others than usual.   



Don’t think that money is going to make you more appealing to people this month Leo. You might be feeling a little ignored during May and trying to buy people’s affection isn’t going to bring you the attention that you desire. Talking about money, May is showing as a good money month for you. There will be fewer outgoings and more of the good stuff coming in as well as little financial bonuses here and there. Because you are naturally generous this rise in your finances might be part of the reason that you’ll be trying to entice others with it. There are a few short trips away showing for you in May; some of them are long-distance and some of them are close by and are more of a mental break away. There’s going to be lots of interaction with your siblings this month, although you’re most likely going to feel like you’re on the outer and that no one’s paying you attention when it comes to family gatherings.



Unusually so, you’re going to be more focused on your finances than anything else this month Virgo. This is unusual since Virgos usually have a well-rounded approach to various areas of life with more attention being paid to fixing and organising other people rather than money. You’re going to run the risk of becoming anti-social, financially mean, selfish and withdrawn if you don’t get on top of this quickly. Write out a Virgo-style budget at the beginning of the month and then let it do its job so that you can focus on more important things in your life. If you can put down your accounts for a while, you’ll find that you’ll be feeling upbeat and quite happy with yourself during May. You’ll be going through a period whereby your analysis of yourself is complete…for now, and any self-criticism has temporarily been put to rest. This confidence will shine through and others will be attracted to your beautiful aura.



A brand-new hobby that will turn into quite a long-term one is showing for you this month Libra. You’ll be drawn to exploring and learning about something new which you’ve never even looked at before. A television programme, Google wormhole or conversation with someone else will sow the seed of curiosity to explore this subject further and your desire for new learning is going to help you take the first steps towards enrolling in a short course. This desire to learn is going to extend to people during May as well. You always have had a great way with others and this month you’ll find that your listening skills and interest in others are just slightly more elevated. A new best friend is likely to come through as a result of this new learning/listening ability that you’ll be exploring. Good things take time, so this will only be the beginning of some truly wonderful connections.  



If you feel out of sorts this month then go back to basics Scorpio. May isn’t going to be particularly difficult for you but we all go through little spells of unease regardless. Going back to basics can come in many forms and the best way for you to do this will be to ground yourself in your home environment and be sure to give yourself some positive encouragement. This month is not one where you should be considering moving house or relocating to a different city, nor is it a month where you should let others put you down and get away with it. For Scorpio parents, there’s going to be an intense focus and desire to nurture your children and spend time educating them about life during May. Try not to take this over and beyond your normal scope as it will only stress you out and cause a few arguments and tantrums as well.



Creativity will be flowing through you at an amazing pace during this month Sagittarius. You’ll be surprised at just how creative you can be and this will most likely spur you on to write a song, a story or create a beautiful piece of artwork. Whatever your outlet is, expect to be pleasantly surprised. One thing you need to be aware of during May is that you’ll tend to be preoccupied with yourself and will miss the signs from loved ones that they require attention or affection. Even a blunt admission from them isn’t going to sway you from your path unless you are fully aware of this preoccupation, and more likely than not some unexpectedly narcissistic comments will fall out of your mouth. Small gambling wins are showing for you as well as wins in the field of sports and other competitions. May is going to be a mixed bag for you!



This month you are going to solidify some really important connections in your life with people who have only been acquaintances in the past. Your keen sense of who’s who in society is going to allow you to pick out who’s going to benefit you the most from the bunch and your charm and wit will help you get them on-side with you. Interestingly, this pursuit to secure these connections is going to lead you down a path this month whereby you will be exposed to new ways of thinking, new activities and a new daily routine. You’ll have high expectations of yourself and others but both you and these other people should be able to satisfy your expectations. Be careful with money during May, although shouting a round of drinks will work in your favour while networking. An older relative is going to offer you some very valuable advice or bestow an important gift upon you this month.



Love is going to be a bit part of your life this month Aquarius and if you’re single then expect to meet someone very kind and loving during May! This new person will bring happiness to your heart and the courting process is going to be seamless and romantic. You might even find yourselves saying those three little words sooner than expected. For those of you who are already in a relationship, a happy daily life will flow this month and an abundance of loving actions and words will follow. It’s definitely a good month to show your loved one how much you appreciate them as they’ll respond in a very favourable way. Don’t go putting anything on layby, extending credit or borrowing from the bank as there’s a flightiness to money around you during May. Connections with nieces, nephews and your best friend’s children are going to be fun and warm your heart this month. Any time that you put into these children is going to cement a life-long bond too.



You can be too kind sometimes Pisces which can lead to you being used by other people. This is something that you need to be aware of during May. A lot of volunteering and charity work is showing for you this month, not just in regards to legal entities or charity organisations, but in the form of free work for friends and family. You need to say no this month so that your kindness isn’t taken advantage of. What you might think is an innocent request from someone, that will eventually be paid back, is actually an unrealistic view. Spiritual matters and study and learning around this area will bring you peace this month. It would be a better way to spend your time rather than giving your time for free to others. Causal sexual relations won’t cure anything emotionally or mentally that is going on inside for you at the moment. Stick to yourself during May and you’ll be alright.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.