There’s no better way to power through the busiest time of the year than with the energy of Sagittarius. December is Sagi season and these are some of the most fun-loving, adventurous people in the zodiac. Sagittarius season drives us to become more philosophical and adventurous. Just like its archetype of the centaur, Sagittarius is always looking far beyond the stars and wondering about all of life’s wonderful mysteries. Sagittarian energy also helps to make us all a little more social. Those people who are happy-go-lucky, interesting and fun to be around at a party are probably Sagittarians. They have a knack for making people feel good when they’re around. Make the most of December by harnessing Sagittarius’s quick, fire energy and mutable quality. It might be a good idea to do this before Venus goes into retrograde motion on the 19th of December too, especially if you are wanting to get your love life moving in the right direction!



A few minor issues are going to crop up for you this month Aries. You can always fall back on your ability to move on quickly from any of these though. The main issues of contention are going to pertain to your health, most notably your back and your mind. Back pain including pulled muscles and sore shoulders are likely going to plague you this month as will a lack of clarity in your thoughts (forgetting your keys, phone or wallet will be a regular occurrence). Like magic though, these problems will suddenly, and weirdly, disappear before the month is up, no matter how severe the problems were. In social situations, you’re going to become a bit frustrated with others during December. Where previously you may have brushed off someone’s digs at you, this month you’re more likely to simply get up and leave instead, no matter how rude it seems. Concentrate on helping others this month Aries. You’ll be able to balance out some of that accumulated negative karma from the past by doing good for others.



It’s a rare Taurus who will be the life of the party, but this month you’ll find yourself being the centre of attention in most social situations. Your energy levels are going to be quite high during December which will make you feel optimistic, fun-loving and sociable. A happy Taurean is a sight to behold so others are going to be drawn to your happiness wherever you go. Do not mistake this interest from others as a romantic or physical attraction that they have for you though. Pursuing something that isn’t there will only bring embarrassment. For attached Taureans, there will be a powerful alignment with your loved one this month. Your goals and ambitions will align perfectly as you both come to a better understanding of where you sit in each other’s lives. There will also be lots of activities that you and your partner will be able to take part in together this month which will add strength to your relationship.



Sometimes your mind takes you in the strangest of directions Gemini which is absolutely normal given your level of intelligence. This month it’d be wise to avoid over-researching topics that concern health or diet as there is a very good chance that you’ll end up adopting and becoming obsessed with some of the stranger fad diets and exercise regimes around. None of which will bring any long-term or short-term health benefits to you. In your work life, the energy of December will help bring out your quick-wit and deadlines will be met with ease. Try to avoid micro-managing others as this may cause some arguments and passive-aggressive behaviour leading up to the holiday period. December will bring out the kindness within you that friends, family and your partner will benefit from the most. Just be aware that your kindness may extend to spending up large on presents that they don’t really need.



You’ll need to put some effort into the festive season Cancer, even if you really don’t feel like doing so. Playfulness in others is going to annoy you at best or cause others to view you as extremely boring at worst. You don’t want to be that person that others avoid during December! You’ll also need to be aware that others’ boredom may be set off by your opinions this month. You are not an expert in everything but how you portray your views will give the impression that you think you are. One area of life that will bring you joy and that will intrigue you this month will be your finances. Increasing savings or finding ways to make a quick buck will lighten your mood. Combining past experiences with newfound intel will give you small gains in your finances and pave the way for a good start financially to the new year.



You’re going to take up a pathway of learning this month Leo as you look to expand your mind and general knowledge. This will most likely be set off by you overhearing what someone else is talking about and from there your interest will lead you down a path of new learning. The new learning will most likely correspond to something philosophical, religious or spiritual and whichever direction you choose, it will bring harmony into your life. On another note, you may find that you dwell a little on your childhood and your mother’s parenting skills this month. Be careful not to over-analyse your mother’s past wrongdoings during December as you’ll only end up with unanswered questions and possibly a fight on your hands. A new infatuation will grace single Leos this month and the person that you have your eye on will most likely be completely out of reach romantically. Attached Leos on the other hand will find a higher level of intimacy with their partners this month.



A release of that last handful of bad habits and addictions is going to be successful for you this month Virgo. When it comes to your health, nothing is going to stop you from improving in this area. Not only will your willpower and drive cause a positive realignment in your diet and exercise plans but you’ll also have the physical energy to be able to take on some of those more difficult and draining fitness regimes. Socially, you need to be careful about who you give your time to this month. Some of your more draining friends and relatives will take up the majority of your time while your closest friends and relatives will miss out. You’ll be disappointed by the lack of effort put into catch-ups, dinners and occasions by those with who you don’t gel as well with too. When it comes to love don’t let yourself be persuaded by emotional manipulators.



Many Libras are going to meet someone this month who they believe is a soulmate. An instant connection, attraction and feeling of already knowing each other will be part of this first meeting and for some single Libras, this will lead to a romantic relationship. Attached Libras can also expect to meet someone who they feel the same about but it would be wise to tread carefully here: just because you feel this way about someone it doesn’t mean that they would be a permanent fixture in your life. Keep in mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and soulmate relationships can sour just as any other relationship can. You’ll be inclined to take part in a charitable cause this month which will suit you brilliantly! You’ll find friendship, joy and laughter in your charity work as well as some true festive spirit, all of which will bring you happiness.



You’re not usually one to rabbit on about yourself to others but this month you’ll find yourself acting out of character and expressing how great you are. Self-love and self-gratitude are important so make the most of this newfound confidence in yourself, just remember to change the subject once you see people’s eyes glazing over. On the whole, you’ll be feeling optimistic throughout December. All areas of your life will have something positive and exciting pop-up and you’ll be feeling especially good about yourself and your body. One area of life that you may need to keep tabs on is your family. If any family members are going through a tough time you might find yourself unintentionally affected by their low mood. Distance yourself emotionally from this and take a stance of helping them without getting too involved. Enjoy your December Scorpio, everything you need will be presented to you on a silver platter this month!



You might find yourself being in the wrong place at the wrong time a fair bit this month Sagi. It has nothing to do with you intentionally showing up when there’s drama around but for some reason, the stars are aligning so that you’re in these places nonetheless. Synchronicities, in general, will pop up in your life throughout December and the best way in which to deal with this is to analyse why this is happening and what you can learn from it all. Not only will you be growing another year older this month but others will also notice a new level of maturity within you. Where you may have upset others in the past with your brutal honesty, this month you’ll relay your honesty in a much more user-friendly way. Do not waste time planning for things this month, especially when it comes to holidays and Christmas celebrations. You are not a perfection-driven Virgo, and nor should you be, but don’t let indecisiveness cause time to pass you by this month.



You’ll be in your element this month Capricorn as you mix and mingle with some of society’s best while also leaving them with a great impression. Capricorns tend to work hard leading up to their birthdays and the New Year so that they can set up a solid foundation for the year ahead. Which is exactly what you’ll be doing this month. Things with your family are also going to go well this month. Your family members will be happy and you’ll feel as though you are providing well for them (which you are). You’ll also get a sense of how harmonious your home life is by seeing everyone’s happy interactions. This will all come down to the time and effort that you’ve put into everyone throughout the year. Quite a bit of your hidden spiritual side is going to come out this month Capricorn. Expect a lot of synchronicities, ‘ah-ha’ moments and prophetic dreams during December!



Deceptive isn’t a word that would describe an Aquarian at all, but this month a lot of Aquarians are going to revel in deceptiveness! Although you’ll be able to get off scot-free with this behaviour, I wouldn’t count on the outcomes of this misleading behaviour working in your favour in the future. There won’t be any area of life in particular where you’ll need to deceive others, the pleasure of it will come from feeling intellectually superior by fooling them. Try to revert to your kind and friendly mindset this month Aquarius so that you don’t hurt those around you. A romantic interlude with someone with who you connect spiritually will take place this month. It will be temporary due to external factors such as the distance that you live from each other, but fun nonetheless. Avoid investing money in high-risk ventures or ideas; they won’t pay off no matter how clever you decide you are. 



December is going to see you turn into a bubbly ball of never-ending fun Pisces. There’s no better time of the year to be this way too! People are going to be attracted to your optimism and you’ll relate well to most people you come across. There will be the odd sour-puss who tries to dampen your spirits this month though so just be careful that you don’t let their pessimism bring you down or cause an outburst. Start writing down your new year’s resolutions now and put a plan in place that will help you achieve new goals. You’ll respond well to structure this month so starting with a list of goals for the year ahead will help to relax you. A major change will take place with your daily routine this month. It will be unexpected but for the best. Don’t let the release of old habits and routines cause any upset, especially since you’ll be on a good wicket emotionally this month.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.