Penney + Bennett is committed to doing business in an ethically responsible and considered manner. We design slowly and carefully to ensure full consideration goes into each piece and to ensure we are acting responsibly, being completely satisfied with ethical practices and quality before it reaches market. 

We maintain strong relationships with a small group of manufacturers, vendors and suppliers and work closely with local and offshore suppliers with a strict code of conduct to ensure ethical standards and guidelines are met. 

We work exclusively with quality, natural fibres. Our fibres are responsibly sourced, processed and finished with a small group of trusted suppliers we work with locally and offshore.

Our fabrics are dyed or printed with non-toxic inks, free from heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvents. 

Our cushions, pillowslips, and some of our linen bedding is produced in New Zealand in a local factory which pays their workers a living wage, and meets our code of conduct. 

We ensure all packaging materials are at a minimum recyclable; working with FSC certified papers which have been recycled and are fully recyclable, so they are able to stay in circularity. All orders are shipped in cardboard boxes sealed with paper tape, or in home compostable mailers. 

We always welcome feedback, which we are grateful for.