It’s Scorpio season and that means secretive, passionate, deep energy is running through this month. If Scorpio energy were a person, they would be tall, dark and handsome with a mysterious air about them. Scorpio season is a time to discover our shadow side and to explore taboo areas of life. Since Scorpio governs the mysteries of birth, life and death these discoveries can be uncomfortable yet highly beneficial to our future growth. Scorpio is governed by the element of water which makes it an extremely emotional sign. You wouldn’t know it when you first meet a Scorpio though as they hide their emotions very well! Just make sure that you never cross a Scorpio as they tend to hold on to past wrongs for years, never forgetting them but simply waiting until the time is right to sting with revenge. Scorpio season is highlighted by its ruling planet Pluto which has highly regenerative energy. Any healing performed under the influence of Scorpio will yield better results than usual.   



Don’t feel as though you have to conceal what you’re really feeling this month Aries. You are such a joy to be around but you don’t have to pretend to be the fun one all the time. Save your energy, have a quiet month socially and work on healing past hurts that you’ve ignored for far too long. You’ll find that ideas and values that you adopted from the influence of a past partner will start to change in their importance to you. You might find that over the month you start to question them and will eventually drop them. This is a sign of emotional healing which is great! Your intuitive side is going to emerge during November and you might even surprise yourself with some of your intuitive predictions. Get painting, sculpturing or drawing to make your heart sing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lovely results that you get from this intuitive work too!



You are so grounded and practical Taurus that usually you miss the subtle energy that plays out in social situations. This month you’ll be able to read a room unlike ever before though. What others are trying to hide, you’ll be able to see clearly. You’ll be able to see ulterior motives from a mile away as well. All of this is going to work in your favour in many situations this month if not least of all your career. One area of your life that won’t be as easy to read this month will be your relationship and you might accidentally cause some upset with your actions. There will be a realignment of your goals and ambitions during November and you might forget to include your partner in them which won’t go down so well. Be sure to include your partner in your hopes and aspirations for the future and you’ll both benefit from the mutual planning.



Single Geminis are going to find themselves leaving behind a trail of broken (and confused) hearts this month. This unintentionally destructive path will come from your dissatisfaction and boredom of others alongside your tendency to simply move on without an explanation this month. Try to be a little less picky during November Gemini otherwise you’ll end up feeling just as dissatisfied yourself come the end of the month. November is not the time to start a new exercise regime. Although your intentions may be good you won’t end up sticking to it for more than a week. On the flip side, be careful not to overindulge in too much of the wrong foods as once you get started on that chocolate bar chances are you’ll finish it within an hour. Work is going to be your saviour this month Gemini. You’ll find that your ideas are appreciated and applauded and that the daily work environment will pick your spirits up. 



Don’t commit to any new religious or spiritual ventures or courses this month Cancer as your interest in this area will wane extremely quickly. Although your intentions to expand your mind and find an understanding of others will be pure, your staying power won’t last long enough to make it worth anyone’s time. In the workplace, just be mindful of not pushing anyone to do your job for you, especially when you know full well that they don’t like the tasks that you’ve given them. You might think that you’re in control of your emotions at work during November but someone’s reluctance to do your job for you will push you over the edge and all etiquette and workplace charm will go out the window. You’ll have enough time and energy to do the job yourself anyway. The unexpected appearance of a stray (yet wonderfully cute) animal is going to grace your life this month.



Be honest with your family this month Leo as this will bring you closer to them. You sometimes tend to exaggerate your accomplishments when talking to others, but doing so with your family this month will cause them to stop listening to you. Give them the happiness that they deserve by engaging with them truthfully and you’ll find that your happiness grows from these honest interactions. Be warned about bringing up past wrongs as a means to win a fight. Whether the argument is with your partner, spouse, friend or co-worker, do not use something against them that is in the past otherwise you’ll have two problems to fix rather than one. A new hobby or interest is going to pull you in this month and you’ll find that it becomes an active meditative practice which will release some pent-up anger. Sometimes you can only find peace by being quiet and on your own Leo.



Overthinking again Virgo? It never ends right? November is going to be a month of over-analysing yet finding no answers to your questions. It’s a futile endeavour and sometimes we just aren’t meant to be in the know. This will be your lesson this month. Something that will make you happy during November is the opportunity to help many people. You’ll come across people unexpectedly who your skills will benefit and this service given will make you feel fulfilled. Physically your body is going to be able to perform well this month. You’ll be feeling healthy and energetic. When it comes to exercise your feet will feel as though they have a lightness that helps you bounce around. Intimacy is going to bring a raft of new experiences during November. Your adventurous side will come into play and being able to communicate your needs will be easier than usual in the bedroom this month!



Siblings are going to get on your nerves this month Libra and there will be no better way to deal with them than how you usually do with people that you’re annoyed with: by ignoring them. If you are the eldest child in your family then you are going to be particularly affected as everyone expects you to fix family matters this month. If you do find yourself retreating from your family for a bit then why not put your energy into work and making money as these areas will bring the most success during November. If you’ve been hanging out for a pay rise or promotion chances are that these will come about this month. If you’ve been waiting for an investment to take a turn for the better then the odds are in your favour for this to happen. There is growth and good choices showing in all areas involving money for you this month. On a health note, watch for headaches and head injuries. It will be no coincidence that you bump your head multiple times during November!



Keep a check on the time this month Scorpio as you’ll be prone to being ruthlessly late to most appointments and dates! While you usually have an intuitive sense of how much time you need to get ready and travel to a meeting, this month that intuition is going to be way out of whack. Set multiple alarms and allow extra time to get to where you need to be. You’ll find yourself coming out of your shell a little more than usual during November. Others will enjoy your company and will invite you to their gatherings since you’ll be so fun to be around. It’s a good month to be making new friends but just be aware that your social life might cause you to forget about other areas of your life that are just as important. Don’t get too distracted and you’ll be fine. Emotionally, expect the unexpected. Childhood memories, especially if they were traumatic, will rise to the surface over the month and at the most inconvenient of times.



People are going to notice a change in your personality this month Sagi as you grow in maturity. This won’t affect your fun-loving, spontaneous nature but a sense of calm and growth that people can’t quite explain will be noticeable. You may notice this in yourself as well as you come to terms with ideas and beliefs that are the opposite of what you were brought up to believe. Think of it as an emotional and mental cutting of the apron strings, particularly if those strings have always been firmly attached to your mother. This change in you will drive you to seek out new spiritual experiences during November and there will be very little that will get in your way when it comes to getting results from your studies. Maybe choose to use this new spiritual knowledge to help others rather than as a self-serving tool. If you can do that then you’ll find peace in your life this month.



Your intuition will be working very well this month Capricorn which might cause a bit of confusion from time to time. Since you are such a down to earth sign you usually rely on your logical mind to steer you in the right direction so having your intuition in a position of power will make you question your choices. This will be particularly true when it comes to your family. If something feels off with someone in your family chances are that you’ll be right. You’re also bound to stumble across a family secret that you never knew about previously. Enjoy the discovery of everything that is hidden and you might be able to use your new findings to your advantage in the future. During November you’ll find that you are drawn to friendship groups that you had left behind and lost interest in. It might be time for these friendships to start up once again.



You’re not usually one to be money hungry Aquarius but this month you’ll be thinking about money constantly, talking about it whenever you can and handling it at every opportunity. This isn’t surprising given that good luck and fortune are on your side during November and you’ll find that you’ll have a few financial wins here and there. This luck and good fortune are going to inspire you to do more with your money and invest it in the best places possible. Go for it and don’t let others talk you out of this experience! When it comes to anything other than money, you’re going to be a bit absent-minded this month. You’ll unintentionally expose your bad habits to others, daydream (about money) when you really should be listening and be unproductive around the home. Remember that other parts of your life need just as much attention and emotional nurturing during this time.



People may find you a little odd to be around this month as you try a little too hard to prove how worthy you are of their attention. This might lead to some terrible ideas on your part and unintentional lies about your position at work or your social standing. The more than you try to win people over the more they’ll pull away unfortunately so it might pay to let others come to you this month instead. On an emotional level, you are going to find an amazing sense of healing from talking about past issues. You could try making an appointment with a counsellor but even just talking to friends and family will help to heal old wounds. Funnily enough, you’ll find that the more you heal emotionally over the month the more your physical self will heal so you can expect old niggles and issues to melt away too!



Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.