Scorpio season is in full swing and your November 2020 Horoscope is here. Get comfy and read on for your November predictions.



Aries, you have a busy month ahead. It will be full of short trips away for work and play as well as run-ins with others, social engagements and lots of interesting conversations to be had. Let me cover the run-ins with others for you: these will mostly occur because the energy around you this month is going to make you extremely impulsive; even more so than usual. A bad case of putting your foot in your mouth is going to cause angst with others as well as poor decision making on most fronts. Think twice before you blurt something out, don’t presume that a joke at someone else’s expense is going to be taken well and try to find all the pros and cons of a situation before you leap into it. On the plus side, this impulsive energy is going to make you determined and passionate in almost everything you undertake this month.



You’re usually quite stable, reliable and predictable Taurus but this month you’ll be trying to break away from your usual self! Universal laws will be at play here and this need to break out will be connected to the need for you to grow. Your family may be surprised by this new you and will feel a little neglected this month as you’ll be off doing what interests you rather than spending time with them. It’s your time to shine and you deserve it after spending so long doing the same thing day in and day out. Your mind will be running wild this month and quite a few emotional ups and downs are expected to come out of nowhere. With regards to your home, which is your sanctuary, you’ll feel compelled to redecorate or spruce things up a bit. Let your imagination run wild and spend a few extra dollars on making everything just the way you want.



Have you fallen in love lately Gemini? If you have that’s wonderful! If not, you can expect to do so this month. You’ll be feeling very loving and lovable this month and will yearn to be carried away by the bounty of romance. If you’re already attached and things have been a bit so-so in your relationship lately just be careful of becoming entangled in a love affair outside of the relationship. Anyone who is offering you love this month is going to seem attractive. Your creative streak is going to be in overdrive during November and it may lead to you starting many different projects in order to satisfy this creativity. Go with it and create to your heart's content. You might find a hidden talent that has been lying dormant for a while. Being around children this month will be fun and have an uplifting effect on your spirits. Children are naturally attracted to your Gemini fairy looks as well. Be playful this month Gemini; just be cautious that this playfulness doesn’t turn into irresponsible behaviour though.



You need a change at work this month Cancer as your working routine is now in need of an overhaul. Change it up a little this month and get rid of those bad habits and routines that you’ve acquired from copying what other people do. A bit more organisation and analysis of your routine are going to do wonders for your state of mind this month. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly decide to sign up to a gym or in a new fitness programme. Your health and wellbeing are going to be your core focus during November, in part because you’ve been hibernating all winter and now feel blah. An opportunity concerning animals or charity will be put to you this month and you may find that taking part in this opportunity will bring you a level of emotional satisfaction as well as stability to your mind and soul.



Leo you are going to have to come down off your pedestal this month and allow your partner to have a seat up there for a little while. This won’t be as painful as it first seems, but sometimes a little sacrifice can put a relationship back on the right footing. You may have to have some difficult conversations with your partner this month to clear the air. This conversation will be worth the effort though. Any Leos who are waiting for a proposal of marriage must have these difficult conversations in order to help a proposal come about. News of new contracts at work should be circulating the office this month and Leos who are in business can expect to give up the reins a little to make things run smoother. Don’t fret about the energy of November: sometimes sharing with others in all areas of life helps to take the pressure of us.



November will be a month where you’ll want to explore your intimacy with others and it may lead to some kinky situations! Don’t let this worry you Virgo…no one is going to find out about your secret naughty side. You need to let loose every now and again to relieve stress anyway. You may find yourself manoeuvring through some tricky situations this month as far as taxes, assets or loans are concerned. Something which needs amending or which has been overlooked in one of these areas will come to light. If you are on the hunt for a new home to rent or to buy the stars are aligned in your favour for this during November. Attached Virgos will find that their partners will treat them with unexpected luxuries and gifts this month. You are consistently at your partner’s service, as it is your language of love, and this will be shown to be appreciated through these gifts.



New relationships and friendships are going to come your way this month Libra, but not everything will be as it initially seems with these new people in your life. What you once considered attractive will change slightly this month as you start viewing your relationships differently. You’ll be looking for something or someone different to your usual but this won’t be evident until you form deeper connections with people. Any learning or study that you take on this month, whether it is in-house at work or elsewhere, will drag on and will lack stimulation. Keep at it though as it’s only the energy in your planets that will be causing this. Any trips away that you’ve planned for the month will turn out to be a little disappointing. This will only be because they are long overdue and you have built this trip up in your mind to be something more than what it was ever going to be.



Watch your ego this month Scorpio; there’s a warning around this area for you. A lot of masculine energy is at play for you during November and some of you won’t be able to communicate this in the best possible way. Coming across too dominant or controlling is not going to work in your favour; particularly at work. Just because you know you’re right, doesn’t mean that everyone else is on the same page so don’t try and bully them into agreeing with you. On the flip side, you’re going to come up with some great ideas this month and how you communicate these ideas will be convincing and dynamic. Reading the subtle energy in a social situation is also going to be a strong point for you this month. As I mentioned though, just don’t let this domineering side come out on display if your ego is tickled by others around you. Expect some restless sleep or sleepless nights during November. Your mind will be racing at a hundred miles per hour this month to churn out these fantastic ideas of yours.



Sagittarius you are going to get so much out of this month and you will literally be in your element! It’s a very social month for you and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who you’ll have thought-provoking and honest conversations with. Honesty is important to you, so this aspect is going to really help you form some great connections. There’ll be a chance to help someone else out with a problem which they can’t find a solution to as well. If you’re a single Sagi, expect to meet someone interesting this month. It won’t blossom into a long-term relationship but a long-term friendship at some level will ensue. If you’ve wanted to learn something new that relates to technology or the internet, you’ll have the mind to delve into this and retain the information this month. Likewise, any purchases of new phones or devices will work out well.  



It’s a big month for you Capricorn as you’ll find that there’ll be some major changes and shifts in various areas of your life. Most notably, there’ll be a change in your family dynamics. Whoever once held power over everyone else will start taking a back seat and losing control of this power. If you have teenage children in your family then be very aware of what this could mean for you. Don’t be pulled into unhealthy emotional reactions this month. Keep your cool. You’ll be feeling emotionally blocked so you’ll be unable to fully comprehend some of what is going on, but this is the Universe protecting you from the changes that this month will bring. Your past generosity with a friend will be returned in the worst of ways which will help you move away from this friendship. Spend this month on healing yourself spiritually…not many people know that Capricorns have a naturally strong spiritual bent them.



Have you checked your health and wellbeing lately Aquarius? Maybe a bit of swimming or skydiving will help you feel 100% again. You’ve been ignoring yourself for too long and must try to spend some time on yourself this month. Just because other people are pulling on your sleeve and expecting you to come up with all the answers, it doesn’t mean that you have to. Take a break Aquarius. You’re going to find a bit of happiness in indulging and pampering yourself this month. A trip to the day spa or salon would be the best way to do this so that you can calm the frizz in your hair, re-hydrate your skin and bring peace to your mind after catering to the demands of others. Do you this month Aquarius. You’ll be ready to approach life head-on again once you do so.



This month is going to flow quite nicely for you Pisces as you are given the chance to bring your dreamy, intuitive ideas into your working life. Spend all the time you need daydreaming up new processes and working systems which you can relay to your boss. The result will be praise, appreciation and possibly a bonus or pay rise that comes along with it. On the note of pay rises, money is going to flow easily for you this month as the Universe decides that it’s your turn to spin the money wheel. Not that you’ll need this extra money for anything in particular as you’ll find that you’re feeling pretty content with your material possessions already, but a little extra can never hurt right? Spend November adjusting your daily routine to work better for you. Finding extra time through good routines will serve you well next month when the Christmas rush comes around.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.