This month we are blessed with beautiful, loving Taurus energy. Taurus season always brings a flurry of activity around the notion of love and encourages us to reach out to our beloved family members, friends and romantic partners in the most tender loving way possible. Taureans are born knowing that they are loved and they have an appreciation for everything sensual, luxurious and comforting including massage, quality clothing and fine wine and food. The Taurus sign is the most docile sign of the zodiac until you get them riled up then they tend to have a brief outburst and/or become extremely stubborn. During May there will be some planetary movements that will blend readily with the Taurean energy that is floating around. On the 10th of May Mercury will go into its second retrograde motion for the year in the sign of Gemini bringing confusion to communication at all levels. If you can embrace Taurus’s down-to-earth, practical and sometimes lazy side then you should be able to get through this quite easily. 



Impulsive holidays and spontaneous trips overseas are all possible this month Aries! If one of your friends talks about getting away then be sure that they are 100% on board before you go booking or organising your life around these adventures. Although you are very good at dropping everything to bring some fun into life, others can be full of talk and dreams more than anything. There will be a little, innocent run-in with someone in authority this month but you’ll be able to talk your way out of the situation. In fact, talking your way out of a variety of situations will be your forte during May so be sure to make the most of this talent. If you are a single Aries, a potential suitor is on the horizon. Wooing them will be easy as you’ll have the gift of the gab on your side to be able to help them see how wonderful you really are.



Your body will be feeling a little sluggish this month Taurus as the planets wreak havoc on your renal system. This is why water is going to be your best friend during April and why staying hydrated will be more important than usual. If you miss the signs of this deficiency then you might just end up paying the price for the rest of the month. When it comes to your career, use your intuition to guide you in the right direction. Over May you’ll have a heightened sense of knowing and will be able to read what will and won’t serve you well in the workplace. You could even use this ability to enhance and fine-tune your professional image. On another career note, after-work drinks should be avoided this month otherwise you will most likely find yourself in an embarrassing situation while amongst co-workers or your boss after overindulging!



It will seem as though everything you want eludes you or is extremely difficult to get this month. Call it an unlucky cycle or wrongful manifestation if you will but the culprit will be the universe and its desire to line up better things in the future for you. Don’t let this phase stress you out or bring your self-esteem down, just remember that everything happens for a reason. If anything is going to work in your favour this month it will be an enhancement and widening of your social circle. Although you generally pick up new friends easily and converse with people very well you might find that some of your older friends are starting to become unfamiliar and a fresh set of friendships is needed. Accept every social invitation you can and enjoy being around new people as they will take to you even easier than people usually do.



If you’ve been seeking answers from your guides or have been trying to gain a deeper connection to the spiritual world, then this month the lines of communication will be open wide between you and the other realm. You are naturally connected to the spiritual realm through your water element but this month you’ll find it easier to connect. Another positive aspect of this connection will be your ability to find near-perfect balance in the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself. Often, we embody one or the other, and for you, the feminine is usually dominant, but during May you’ll find a newfound strength and wonder in the masculine aspects of yourself. This will bode very well for social interactions and understanding of both sexes in your day-to-day life. Be mindful of what you throw out this month: chances are that you’ll need it again in a few weeks!



Money isn’t the be-all and end-all Leo and it would pay to remember this over the month. An unusual desire to squirrel away all of your hard-earned cash and hold on as tight as you can to it may lead to a bad look while in the presence of others. Be sure to pay your share of the restaurant bill, give as much as you receive and don’t begrudge paying a little bit more for something you can get cheaper elsewhere. These measures should ensure that you don’t end up looking like Ebenezer Scrooge. On a positive note, your time is going to be well spent helping others during May. Those who need a support person or a little help to get their lives back on track will benefit from your kind Leo heart and your sound advice. This will be repaid in the most unusual of ways in the far future as karma takes notice of these good deeds from you this month.



May might see heightened anxiety levels within you Virgo as you try to keep up with every single task that is in front of you. Any exercise or practice that helps slow down and bring quality to your breathing is going to help as is accepting that it’s not your responsibility to get absolutely everything done for everyone else. If you find your Virgo habits reappearing with a vengeance then take a step back immediately. On a more positive note, a past relationship that turned sour and most likely left you traumatised will be resolved in your mind. You could even say that forgiveness for the ex in question will be found in as much of a way that they deserve. For the most part, though, it will bring a renewed sense of moving on and regaining your power. There will be a new obsession creep in this month that focuses on retirement and money. This will help make your future more comfortable. Have fun planning which investments will suit you best!



People are going to feel welcome, happy and positive while in your presence this month Libra and this should bode well for making connections in your personal life as well as your work life. You might find that this feeling will cause some people to invite you out for drinks or around for dinner more so than usual. If this is the case, see how you can be of assistance to them as chances are that they are going through a rough patch emotionally at the moment and need someone to talk to. Everything you do in May will come from a genuinely loving place and people will want to reciprocate this by giving gifts and offering you free services. Just be sure to avoid taking advantage of these kind gestures and that once they are given more isn’t expected. Try to be a little more aware of your body and how you move it during May Libra. Dancing and intricate sports will most likely end up in injury this month!



Emotions will be running high this month Scorpio and just be aware that you may have some overly dramatic reactions to fairly ordinary situations. If anything, you will simply be more sensitive to what is going on around you and some tender loving care will be all you need to feel more comfortable. Getting yourself into a good routine will help to stabilise your moods and will prevent you from becoming trapped by any unexpected or forgotten appointments. Remember, that stability is going to be key to avoiding these dramatic reactions. Your financial situation looks very good this month and you’ll find that less money goes out compared to usual. You could even treat yourself and go on a shopping spree to help calm your mind, emotions and heart. Talk things out with a female relative or friend during May. Amends need to be made to move forward and the relationship is worth the time.



Make sure that you question the motives of others when it comes to romantic pursuits this month Sagittarius. Chances are that you’re going to be offered the opportunity to partake in an illicit love affair or something which is just slightly left-of-field of your morals. The person who offers this to you will be persuasive, tickle your ego and say all the right things to try and get you to commit to their ideas. You will not find love or any benefits from these liaisons this month so don’t let a yearning for affection and attention get the better of you during May. A sibling, cousin or close friend who is like a sibling will need your help this month. You’ll be able to give them sound advice, guidance and support to help them through their dilemma. Getting a good night’s sleep this month might prove a bit difficult; your mind is going to be in overdrive during May!



Organising your relationships with others will be a priority for you this month Capricorn and this might result in you consciously dumping some people in your life who are of no use to you any longer. This will be a healthy and acceptable thing to do rather than something callous since a cluster of different people, who don’t have your best interests at heart, have accumulated around you. Getting back to your roots and spending time with family will help to refresh and reset your emotions this month. If you find yourself in a stressful situation simply visit one of them for a quick pick-me-up. Single Capricorns will find love in all the right places this month. This will be the result of culling old forms of dating and meet-ups during May. It might be time for your dating-app profile to be deleted and for you to venture out into the most romantic of places to meet others.



Sharing in all forms will be a huge part of your life during May Aquarius and this energy will work in your favour rather than other people’s. It is not that you’ll need to ask for assistance in any form but simply that other people will want you to share in their gains and joy. Gifts will be quite a big part of this and you can expect any wins amongst your friends to be dished out to you as well. This notion of sharing will also extend to ideas in the workplace, amongst family and in your friendship circles. You will be called on to share your ideas and solutions to problems, but even better, a tibbit of a secret or gossip will be shared with you when it shouldn’t be! The creative energy around you during May will be enhanced and this will extend to your ability to give birth to new ideas and projects as well as the ability to create a new life. If you have been trying to conceive then your fertility will be greater during May.



Double and triple check any tax returns, automatic payments, accounts filing or insurance agreements this month Pisces as something looks to be amiss! This is not down to anything you or anyone else has done wrong, but instead, the universe has decided that May is your time to have a bit of trouble in this area. If you find something that isn’t right then be sure to contact the appropriate person straight away to clear things up. Unusually for you, you’ll be particularly drawn to setting goals, writing lists and getting your life in order this month. Although you usually do everything intuitively, you’ll find yourself a little unsure and a desire to get things written down and confirmed will overcome you. Some fast-paced, energetic boot camps should make you feel alive again and will be the remedy for any bad moods or upsetting emotions this month. Just be sure to warm up and stretch properly as you’ll be prone to torn muscles and cramps.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.