August Horoscope 2022 August Horoscope 2022

August Horoscope 2022

August Horoscope 2022 August Horoscope 2022

It’s lovely Leo season this month with the chance for the Kings and Queens of the zodiac to shine! Everything about Leo is regal and they are definitely the rulers of the zodiac. Leo is governed by the sun and the element of fire, both of which make this sign joyous, dynamic, lively and bright. People naturally gravitate towards Leos because of their sunny disposition and their ability to lead, help and manage others. During Leo season we can find a little bit of this beautiful Leo energy within ourselves which makes it a great time to pull yourself out of any emotional funks and to take the lead in some areas of your life. When it comes to our health, Leo season is a great time to get the heart and circulation pumping with aerobic exercises. This month we will see Uranus go into retrograde motion on the 24th, heralding a time of medical innovation and technological advancements.



Now would be the perfect time for you to hire that piece of gym equipment that you’ve been thinking about Aries as any investment in your health and wellbeing this month will pay back dividends later on. It is an especially good time to manage your weight at the moment as you’ll have the focus and willpower needed to stick to any diet or exercise regimes, regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight. August is also going to be a month of organisation for you, which is not a trait that Aries usually possess! The desire to organise your desk space at work, the spare cupboard at home or the boot of your car, which has magically filled itself with all sorts of junk, will be high on your priority list this month. Try to stop yourself from offering to help others sort out their mess during August though.



Relationships are going to be put under the spotlight for you this month Taurus as you strive to make positive changes in this area of your life. A healthy, wholesome and mutually beneficial relationship is going to be something you desperately desire this month and your actions towards obtaining this will help you manifest something beautiful. Regardless of whether you are a single Taurean or an attached Taurean, the drive will be the same in both instances. Generosity is going to be a particularly strong trait of yours throughout August. Helping others in need both financially and with your time will bring a sense of achievement and joy to you. Just watch how generous you are being though as some people may see an opportunity to take advantage of this. Your status in the workplace will be slightly elevated this month as you find yourself being looked upon favourably in all work situations.



As we know, Gemini can exhibit two personalities over a period of time. For August one of your personalities is going to be a quiet, reserved personality and the other will be overtly extroverted and excessive. This excessive personality may get you into a bit of trouble this month so it will be important to think before you talk or act in all circumstances. This will be doubly important when it comes to sex and intimacy. What you think might be appropriate to proceed with or talk about in one situation may turn out to be totally out-of-bounds for the other person, so check before you go ahead with anything otherwise there may be tears (shed by you) later down the track when you find this person ditches you. It will be wise to double-check yourself when it comes to other people’s belief systems and religion. Speaking your mind on anything of this nature may cause others to turn their backs on you.



You’re not usually one to act impulsively Cancer but this month will see a slight change to that. When it comes to the home, no other sign is as settled and happy in their home than a Cancerian…except for during August. Sudden urges to book spontaneous holidays and getaways will be part and parcel of your nature this month and you’ll most likely try to justify some of these trips by tying them in with some type of higher learning or course. Take your time to think things like this though as there are better things to spend your money on this month. Cancerians will find that final piece of the puzzle that will lead to full closure on a past relationship. If you are a single Cancerian, this will do wonders for your self-esteem and will elevate your confidence to a level that will be attractive to others. Attached Cancerians will find a renewed sense of interest from their partner this month for the same reason too.



August is a good month for you to make some big moves on your career Leo. If you have been thinking of changing workplaces, applying for hard-to-acquire positions or changing industries altogether, then this month is the time to do it. Not only will the stars be working in your favour to give you the confidence needed to make positive steps, but the top jobs and best opportunities will seem to magically appear right in front of your very eyes this month. On the downside, August isn’t a time for you to try out any DIY work around the home. If you haven’t been professionally trained to plumb, paint, build, sew or anything else that is similar, then hire an expert. DIY projects will leave you with a bigger mess to fix up than what you started with as well as a bigger than expected expense in the end. If there is a situation that requires you to impress someone over August your Leo qualities will naturally pull you through.  



People who possess money and have a healthy asset base will attract your eye this month Virgo, both in romantic and friendship terms. Although chasing after people based solely on their earnings is below you, you’ll find a need for their influence this month when it comes to your charitable endeavours. Don’t underestimate the help that others can bring to the table. August will be a month of coming to this realisation. There will be an expansion to your family circle this month in the form of a new family friend or new baby. Whoever it is will change the dynamics of your family for the better too. August is a great month for you to jot down your goals and ambitions for the coming year, especially given that the sun will come into Virgo next month. You’ll have clarity of mind and great people to look towards when planning your next moves.



You might feel a little flat this month Libra as you tinker between the end of a cycle and a new beginning. Pauses are never fun but they do offer a time to reflect which is what you should be spending most of your time on this month. Joining a new group that can expand your mind and your social circle will not only help during this transition phase but will fill a gap in your routine that has needed filling for a while. The people involved in any new pursuits will also gel with you easily. August is showing as a month of minor troubles with the law. Traffic infringements such as parking tickets or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time will be your lot for the month. It might become so frequent during August that you’ll start musing with friends and family about the coincidence of it all.



Everything you do will be done with passion this month Scorpio. From getting ready in the morning, eating meals, conversing with people, and working, to when you put your head down on your pillow at night. You will be fully immersed in everything. Others will see the passion and drive in your actions too and will be inspired by it. What they won’t see is how tired this is going to leave you at the end of each day, so be sure to keep your weekends and spare time as free and easy as possible this month. Something important enough for you to worry about in the past will transition into something that you no longer stress about. This transition will take place over August and will be a welcome relief for your mind. Single Scorpions should make the first move this month if they have a crush on someone. You’ll come across as articulate, interesting and of course passionate about potential love matches.



Sometimes it’s easy for Sagittarians to be up on their high horse since they are literally of the half-horse/centaur breed. This month you’ll get up a few people’s noses with this kind of behaviour though, so it will be time to reign it in. This won’t be easy as August is going to be a month of critiquing all that you see and experience. Coupled with your brutal honesty, it will come across as excessive nagging. If anything, you should be critiquing yourself this month and spending your energy on self-improvement. There’s a strong alignment in your chart this month that shows the potential for you to find your inner joy and to realise, accept and let go of some of your shadow traits. On a positive note, financially you are going to do very well over August. Money will flow into your wallet easily, whether it is earnt money or simply won, and you’ll have the clarity of thought to learn new ways in which to grow your wealth this month.



This month could turn out to be fairly stressful for you Capricorn…that is if you let it. Your mind will be in overdrive during August as you try to get everything done all at once. The trouble with this is that it is going to cause a lot of tension headaches. You’ll be prone to headaches over August anyway but adding stress into the mix will only exasperate the problem. Getting out and about in nature will be something you’ll love this month and which will resonate with your energy. If you are feeling lethargic or tired try a walk outdoors to refresh your energy. Anything involving contracts or negotiations around business will go the way you want them to this month. You’ll be able to articulate what you want, convince those you need to and close a deal with great ease and pizazz. Use this to your advantage in the workplace over August.



There will be an unusual situation this month whereby you’ll find yourself having the time of your life with one part of your family and locking horns with the other half. The half that will most likely be the cause of frustration will be your in-laws or a mother figure. More than anything they will be trying to change how you run things in your home or personal space which will only rub you up the wrong way. Be patient but stick to your guns. You know what is best for you in this situation. Romantic relationships are going to be particularly good over August and if you are just starting with someone chances are that this relationship will go all the way. Enjoy being pampered and adored by your loved one and remember to accept compliments with grace rather than rejecting them. You should find an unexpected love gift coming your way this month as well.



If you are a Pisces who is currently swimming in the middle of a beautiful relationship it might pay to watch how far you let your fantasies go. There is the danger this month of overstepping the mark with someone else and teetering on the edge of cheating. It’s not in your nature to be so careless with the feelings of others so let's avoid any terrible mishaps. You might feel as if you are constantly run off your feet over August and once you find some free time it will be quickly filled by another task or urgent request. Manage your time wisely this month, again to avoid having your mind wander off into its haven of fantasy land. On the flip side, delving into anything creative will help to relax and realign your focus. Play-acting and singing would be the perfect outlet or other artistic endeavours such as writing or art will also provide your mind with comfort.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.

Photograph by Victoria Morgan.