Warm, cheerful, ambitious and loyal — Leo season is upon us. Ruled by the sun, Leo season is one for coming out from under one's shell and allowing passions to shine! Get cosy and read on for your July 2021 predictions. 



A few ‘showy’ people in your workplace might make your temper flare up more than a few times this month Aries. It will be a slow build-up to you letting them know that you’re displeased with their behaviour but once you blurt out what you’re thinking you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation. You see, your communication skills are going to be lacking for a better word this month and people will find it hard to understand where they have gone wrong with you or how they’ve upset you. If you can take a step back and a deep breath in before voicing any concerns then you should find that you can avoid these embarrassing outbursts and situations. There is lots of flirty behaviour around you during August, and it's all coming from an external source. Men and women should find you irresistible this month so use it to your advantage where possible!



This month you might find yourself in many situations that require you to observe rather than to speak. This will suit you just fine, as it usually does, but there will be something of particular importance that will come up in a few of these situations that will be missed by others because of their chattering. Nervous energy from others will seem to surround you during August, but just remain your lovely, stable Taurean self and your demeanour will help to calm others around you. There are lots of sporting and recreational activities showing for you this month and chances are that you’ll be talked into joining these activities even if you don’t want to. You’ll end up enjoying yourself though, so accept all invitations that are focused on sports and games. Speaking about games, your chances of winning in all gaming situations will be slightly higher than usual this month!



You will need to burn off a lot of energy this month Gemini otherwise you’ll end up being too hyper-active for everyone’s liking. Some running or intense cardio workouts should do the trick and be sure to make this a regular habit throughout the month. Just like your personal energy levels, your home life is going to be quite fast-paced as well. Surprise visitors are bound to drop in over the month, people will be coming and going and you’ll be particularly fond of having every device in the house running all at the same time. It’s all be a little chaotic. Chaos is good if you’re enjoying yourself though, which is what will be happening for you during August. You’ll be feeling balanced and happy with where life is taking you. There will be a lot of thoughts about your future, including planning around your retirement, no matter how far away this is for you.



If ever you wanted to write a book, then this month would be your month to do so Cancer. The use of words and putting them together in a harmonious manner will be a particularly strong talent of yours during August and could result in some beautiful pieces of written work. If you have something that needs to be written up for your job then get onto it this month! The same goes for your verbal skills; where you usually find it hard to express the many emotions that run through you, particularly when the moon is going through some crazy phases, this month you’ll be able to tell it how it is and be truly understood by others. This ability might be of particular use this month as you’ll find that your levels of self-worth are a little lower than they should be and will need to be smoothed over by someone else. Ask for help when you feel you need it this month. 



Anyone will be able to win your affection this month Leo as you’ll be more susceptible to falling under the spell of those who lay gifts at your royal feet. Presents and tokens will translate into love for you and the bigger the present or token the bigger your love for that person will be. Just be careful that this doesn’t cause you heartbreak, particularly if you’re currently a single Leo, otherwise, the wrong person could manipulate you into giving them too much back emotionally. This view that material objects equal affection will come from your slight dissatisfaction with yourself this month. Your spirits will be slightly down, even though it’s your birthday month and time to shine. Lift your head, Leo, you’re royal after all. If you’ve been asking for a pay rise at work for a while, chances are that you’ll finally succeed in acquiring it this month. Money should flow freely this month with wiggle room to earn and spend it without restrictions.



A Virgo’s eye for detail is unmatched by any of the other zodiac signs and this month you’ll be able to execute amazing flair and accuracy into a piece of artwork or other creative endeavours. Venus will be smiling upon you during August Virgo so channelling her energy into your creative interests will bring amazing results. This beautiful Venus energy will also translate into your dress sense and sensuality this month. Fabrics that feel silky and smooth will feel electrifying to touch and your senses will be heightened over August. With these heightened senses may come some sleepless nights. Your mind will be whirling with amazing ideas and the night owl within you should be a common trait over the month. You’ll find that you’re a bit more action-driven than usual too. Procrastination won’t affect you as it usually does and you’ll be a bit more relaxed when it comes to finding perfection in life. Enjoy your month Virgo, it looks set to be a goodie for you!



Friendly, attractive and usually with a smile planted across their beautiful faces, Libras everywhere are going to find that their usual charm eludes them this month. While you usually feel safe and comfortable amongst a group of people, you’re going to find that an unsettling feeling of being unsure about yourself will overcome you. Whether it's within a group of friends, with new acquaintances, with colleagues or while on a date, no Libra is going to be spared from this feeling. It might be best to stick to yourself during August. Be careful not to get hooked into helping someone else with their plotting and conspiring at work. You’ll be a lot easier to manipulate this month since your scales will be out of balance and someone who you’d consider unfriendly will try to appear as a friend to get you into trouble. Do not bottle up your anger this month or it will lead to an emotional explosion!



Hard work has been put into your career in the past and that hard work is going to pay off this month Scorpio. For all the sacrifices that you have previously made you will be rewarded with more responsibility and more authority at work this month. This will come with a nice pay rise to match the change in your position. To add to that note, your pay rise might come in handy as you become a little fixated on how you look and the impression that you are giving others. A little spending spree on your appearance might be unavoidable. As you fine-tune and take pleasure in your networking and social skills, watch that you don’t become dismissive of people who are shy or who hold back in a social setting. You might find yourself irritated by these types of people but remember that you usually come across like this yourself at times.



August is looking good for you Sagittarius as people will naturally be drawn to your vibe this month. You’d be hard-pressed to put a foot wrong with others over August and a kind of fawning of your abilities and brilliance will ensue in most social situations. If you’ve been feeling unloved or ignored recently, then you can expect a swift change of heart over this month. August is a very good goal-setting month for you as you’ll be clear-headed and able to see which areas your strengths would be best placed in. Be sure to write your goals down though as you are bound to lose track of them over the coming months if they aren’t written down now. Although Sagis always have a desire to travel and explore, this desire may go into overdrive this month. A short trip away should help to satisfy this thirst and help you avoid making any impulsive (and unwise) travel plans.



You usually have a very steady and focused mind Capricorn, but this month that steady and focused mindset is going to elude you. Expect to be particularly flighty this month. You might forget about some important birthdays and anniversaries, miss some scheduled appointments and lose your train of thought throughout the month. All of which is out of character for you. This could come down to a lack of motivation during August. If you can force yourself to fit in some cardio work and get the blood pumping around your body then this might help your mind to work properly! The snob in you should come out in full force this month; you’ll be able to pick up on any dirty corners or shabby furniture in even the most pristine of places. It could be a friend’s home, a restaurant or even your workplace. It might be best to keep your thoughts to yourself on your observations so that you don’t get accused of being petty!



Aquarius, your mind will be filled with everything that is taboo during August, and funnily enough, you’ll manage to steer every conversation towards one of these taboo subjects that are floating around in your mind. Whatever it is, whether it be about sex, money, life and death or something else, you’ll be able to gather clues as to what is lacking in your life at the moment with whichever thought possesses you the most. Maybe it's time to give in to the darker side of yourself for a bit. Watch out for a massive credit-card blowout this month. Using and having money in your possession isn’t going to work out well for you so it’d be best to only take whatever money you budgeted for when you go to the mall. If you are single, you’ll be yearning for a relationship this month, even though you are normally very independent in your Aquarian self. If you are in a relationship expect to feel a little clingy when it comes to your partner this month.



There’s a heap of activity and buzzing around you during August Pisces. Even if it's cold outside you’ll manage to brighten up everyone’s day with your upbeat energy and smiley face! With an abundance of energy comes a warning: don’t let your feisty nature lead to arguments with friends, family or your partner. Just because you are feeling overly confident this month, doesn’t mean that you can steam-roll others when it comes to your views on the world. You can expect to have a very good month ahead when it comes to your working life. Deadlines will be easily met, your co-workers will help you out with any tasks and your boss will be extremely happy with your efforts. You should (finally) receive some much-needed praise and recognition at work this month too. Let your talking get you to where you need to be.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.