As one zodiac year draws to a close and a new one begins, we welcome in Aries season. A season of opportunity and new potential! Read on for your April 2021 predictions. 



April is showing as a month where you will be putting some long-term goals in place. It’s a very good month to work towards doing this as you’ll have the drive, optimism and energy to do so. Much of this drive to secure and improve your future will lie in the area of your career. If you are stuck in a job that is going nowhere, you’ll either make an impromptu move to another job or voice your concerns about being held back to your boss. You’ll have the good-humour and energy to make this a positive conversation rather than a confrontation. Most Aries folk will find themselves spending a lot of time with their paternal family or with their Dads. If there are unresolved issues with your father, some light will be shed on this during April and a resolution will come to light. Your optimism is going to attract a lot of new opportunities this month Aries!   



There’s a dark secret lurking beneath your steady and stable exterior Taurus and chances are that your friends and colleagues will find out what that dark secret is this month; you might even be surprised to find out what that dark secret is too. There’ll be a tendency to take sides with more unconventional and unpopular groups in society this month. Your social awareness is growing and April will simply be a time when you are drawn to the unusual. Technology is going to give you a few problems this month so make sure that you allow time to deal with any issues and to backup any important data. You’ll be on a quest to make money by any means necessary during April. The biggest opportunities to do so will come through duping friends and family though. Be sure to ask yourself whether you want to deal with the fallout from this over the coming months.  



April is going to be a month where you flip between wanting to explore your spiritual side and wanting to appease your ego. You handle duality well though so this will be quite an uplifting and fun month for you Gemini. The spiritual journey will involve practical research and investigation via Google and you’re going to come across some great information that you’ll be able to retain and use in the future. You will probably be reluctant to share this with anyone else though, which is fine since you’ll be intent on creating good first impressions with others. Fitness is going to be another priority this month as your body starts to tell you that you’ve been neglecting your health. Anything which gets your heart pumping is going to be a good way to pick yourself up during April. For single Geminis, you’ll come across a potential love interest that brings out your competitive nature. It should make for an interesting (and one-off) first date.



I’m sorry to say it but April looks a little boring for you Cancer! Sometimes this is the best way to reset and take a break though. Routine is going to be a constant for you during April and pushing forward with new ideas or taking on new opportunities just isn’t going to float your boat. If anything, staying at home, relaxing and taking care of your private surroundings is going to give you the pick-me-up that you’ll need this month. Your daily routine at work is going to solidify a promotion for the future. Unbeknown to you, your boss will be watching you carefully this month and will conclude that you have a great and steady work ethic. Avoid any large purchases to satisfy this feeling of boredom during April. Even though your finances are going to be very stable during April, chances are that you don’t need or even want whatever it is that you’re considering buying. 



All work and no play make Leo very dull. Your focus is going to be on your career during April, but you should try and find some time to meet up with others. Shopping is going to be a big part of April for you Leo and you’ll find yourself wandering around the mall or shopping strips more than you expect. Try not to fill in your spare time with these buying frenzies but with people and friend catch-ups instead. April is showing as a great month to list your priorities and goals in life. If something is missing in your life then write it down so that you know exactly what you should focus on obtaining in the future. Attached Leos are going to find a sweet harmony and good flow of love with their partner this month. Your Netflix routine might be just the thing that the doctor should’ve prescribed for your relationship.



Overthinking is a typical trait of yours and this month will see that overthinking go into overdrive. With your style of overthinking comes worries so please be careful not to let your mind fly off in all directions. Practising meditation and mindfulness should be a key focus for you during April Virgo. There is a healthy amount of social activity showing this month for you. Half of it involves gatherings that you will be invited to and the other half shows gatherings that you will organise. Both will bring a bit of fun and enjoyment to your life this month. A connection with someone new, romantically or friendship wise, will spark your interest. Their concept of spirituality and the unknown will cause you to think about what they’ve said for hours on end. Just be aware that this person has no intention of developing the connection further even though you will want to.



Children and childlike play are going to bring you happiness this month Libra. The care-free and innocent nature of children is going to lighten the load of anything else that is going on in your life. Not that anything particularly bad is going to occur during April, but sometimes being an adult is just hard work. This need to be childlike may cause you to be accused of being immature this month. Please don’t take it to heart as your accuser simply won’t be on the same wave-length as you at the moment. Expect to be a bit emotional around the full moon this month. It’s going to be a full super blood moon in Scorpio which is going to be intense at best and overwhelming at worst for you. Spend lots of time with your family this month and this should help stabilise your emotions. A brief interest in genealogy or your family history is going to pop up for you during April too.



Romance is going to be something that naturally comes into everything you do during April Scorpio. Romantic gestures towards your partner or potential love interest are going to win you some huge brownie points. Romantic notions of your career, social issues and spirituality are also going to come into play, but these might leave you a bit susceptible to being labelled as ignorant. Keep a check on who you tell your fantasies to. Single Scorpions will be blessed with lots of opportunities to start a relationship. Two potential partners might over-lap this month which could cause a bit of a dilemma. With the full moon in Scorpio making an appearance at the end of April, you’re going to find that everything kind of falls into place for you this month Scorpio. Anything or anyone who wasn’t in your life for your greatest good will have been eliminated (in the easiest of ways) and replaced by the time April comes to an end.



Sometimes you are impulsive Sagi. Just be aware of this when you decide to offer a marriage proposal to someone. The proposal won’t fix anything and won’t make them see eye-to-eye with you. Your tendency to fix things with big gestures is going to be a theme that runs through April for you. You’ll be running into a lot of emotional drama and confrontation with friends, family and lovers this month but it would be better to leave these dramas to subside on their own. You don’t have to be the one who fixes everything, even though you may have been the one to cause the uproar. An opportunity to partner with someone in business will present itself around the middle of the month. Get a water-tight contract put together and this opportunity will work out in your favour. When feeling stressed (which you most likely will during April) be sure to go for a run or to the gym. It’ll be the best form of tension release for you this month.



Do a check-up on your taxes, any loans, property and assets this month Capricorn. You’ve missed something that needs to be amended. You usually have a very sharp mind when it comes to your finances, but this month is showing your mind as being away with the fairies a little. You might need to tap into a short-term loan from your partner or a friend this month, which will be a completely embarrassing situation for you. Once again, you can avoid this if you check over all your financial obligations early on in the month. Your sex drive is going to go into overdrive in April. That sense of intimacy with others is going to be something you crave to balance out the thoughts of responsibility. To find enjoyment this month, a trip to a day spa or other place of pampering will bring you back to the realm of happiness.



If you’ve been dreaming of a grand (and expensive) gift from your partner, expect to be surprised with it this month. People are going to be impulsive around you during April which will be triggered by their desire to be as optimistic, good-humoured and upbeat as you will be this month. Although others will be acting impulsively around you, you will keep a level-head and exhibit some truly sensible behaviour (even for an Aquarian!). This sensible behaviour can be put to good use, particularly when it comes to the property market. Opportunities will arise in this area and lee-way can be made to acquiring a new property in the future if you do the groundwork this month. Physically, you’re going to have energy in abundance this month, and you won’t need to take any afternoon naps or quiet timeouts to keep this energy going. In fact, you will be enticed to take on more physical activity which is going to be great for your long-term health.  



No matter how conservative you believe you are, April is going to challenge this notion for you Pisces which is great because it will lead to an expansion in your mind. Big things are set to take place in April for you. Promotions at work, a rise in your social status, new relationships with people who you’d consider to be above you socially and talents in artistic areas are all showing in April. Let your imagination run even more wild and free than it already does as you’ll find that you’ll become the creator of some truly great things during April. A bit of travel will come up this month as you get a surprise invitation to somewhere out of town. Don’t worry about the materialistic side of life at the moment as you’ll come across people who challenge this throughout April.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.