Welcome to Aries season! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac making Aries natives natural-born leaders and go-getters. They are ruled by the planet Mars which makes them fiery and driven to take action, so never try to hold an Aries back! With this energy floating around we can expect to feel a little more motivated than usual and more energetic in our physical bodies. Just be aware of headaches as sometimes the fast pace of Aries can cause us to push ourselves too hard mentally. This month we will be blessed with two beautiful New Moons; one on the 1st of April and one on the 30th of April. Pluto will also go into retrograde motion on the 29th, bringing about a time where we can reflect, reassess and renew ourselves. Revel in the beautiful Aries energy during April, it will enhance our childlike qualities and lift everyone’s mood a little more than usual.



April is always your month to shine Aries and this month you’ll get to do exactly that as you create fun and exciting adventures for yourself. Nothing is off the table this month when it comes to your abilities and talents, particularly when it comes to your ability to interact and connect with other people. Any parties or get-togethers will be incredibly enjoyable as people gather around you and seek your opinion. Single Aries are going to enjoy a month of extra attention from potential suitors. Flowers, chocolates and other small gifts are likely to come your way from admirers too. Even some unexpected and unusual gifts will make their way into your letterbox or front door. If you are looking to invest in property or other assets, loans will be more readily available to you than previously. You might need to ‘sell’ your ideas a little harder than usual but you’ll have the charm to convince anyone you wish this month.



Adding a dash of friendship to your work relationships is going to work wonders for you this month Taurus. Socialising and connecting on a personal level with those who you deal with regularly will allow you to relax a little more at work and have a deeper understanding of those around you. Socialising, in general, will be where you get your energy, drive and happiness from so why not add this into your work life. You’ll find yourself obsessing a little about travel this month and research involving where you’d like to go will keep you up late some nights. Enjoy exploring as it’s not something that you get to do often. In romance and love relationships you will find that rules and limitations are put on you to gain someone’s attention. Pull them up on this behaviour before it gets taken too far. You are a team, not their servant.



Don’t be surprised by sudden changes in what you do and don’t like this month, especially when it comes to how you look. Throughout April you’ll find your tastes changing when it comes to your clothes, hairstyle, makeup and general image but you’ll also start liking physical traits in yourself that maybe you didn’t like before and vice versa. It’s a good time to shake things up if you have been lagging in the trend department of late. Be careful not to go all-in when it comes to organisation around the home this month. What will start as a spontaneous urge to organise your living space will turn into a bigger mess that you’ll need to sort out later. Contracts of all descriptions will work in your favour this month, this could include prenups, employment contracts, leases or any other type. Enjoy this month Gemini, it will be a busy yet satisfying and uplifting one!



Cancerians everywhere are going to get creative this month and the most likely outlet for this creativity will be in projects and hobbies that get your hands involved such as painting. This creativity will also translate well into your love life this month. Single Cancerians will find a new love interest through new avenues and attached Cancerians will gain extra affection and attention through new words and actions. It is rare to see playfulness in a Cancerian but this month you’ll be nothing but a bundle of playful joy. Old business opportunities might present themselves again this month and you’ll have the chance to resurrect something that was left behind in your career. There is money to be made from these ventures that you had previously missed out on too. Avoid diets or planned exercise regimes this month. You’ll be far too busy enjoying yourself to stick to anything so rigid or planned and your energy will be best spent on activities that bring you joy.



April will be a time to reset and rethink your plans, particularly when it comes to your living situation, housing and stability. These areas have become less stable and reliable over the last few weeks/months and paying attention to them will bring you more peace in the future. You’ll also have a desire to bring more stability into your life in general as you battle mentally to keep up with situations and people that are too scattered. Be careful not to let your partner or spouse treat you like a child. Your fun-loving nature can sometimes make it seem as though you need parenting but, in this instance, your other half may need to just loosen up a little. A new furry friend or two will steal your heart during April. Do not let an affectionate dog or cat convince you to take them home this month though as it will be a temporary bond.



You take to health kicks, diets and herbal remedies like a duck to water Virgo and this month you will be no different. A new health kick that heals and aligns your spiritual self will be well placed next to your usual routine, just don’t try to follow it to perfection or you’ll end up stressing yourself out! April will be a social month for you. An increase in activity surrounding all forms of communication is showing in your chart this month. Expect lots of phone calls, messages and invitations from people that you haven’t heard from for a while. There’s also an increase in sexual energy around you during April so some of these communications might be connected to that! A karmic debt will be paid back this month by someone who hurt you in the past. You will hear about it or see it in action and will be able to find some closure from it.



You are the epitome of balance Libra and this month you’ll be even truer to that than usual, so much so that other people will ask for your advice and go to you with their problems this month. It’s not that they truly need your opinion but by simply being in your presence and having an ear to confide in they’ll feel happier and more at ease. This balance will extend to how you look this month too. You’ll find that your hair sits perfectly without much effort, that your features looked aligned and fresh and even your balance itself is enhanced. If you’ve recently felt dull, unattractive or sloppy then April’s energy should fix this for you. Your money will work well for you during April and it will flow easily into your wallet. There should be some extra money coming your way in the form of lucky winnings too. There will be a page turned for the better in your love life this month as well, so all in all April is shaping up to be a great month for you!



Creativity will be brimming over in you this month Scorpio as you aim to express yourself in new ways. You’ll be on a quest to find the medium that will help you express yourself best and this tenacity and drive to help you to express your ideas and come up with some amazingly creative results. There is a smudge or two of drama that will pop up for you over the month. It will seem as though everyone is trying to create mountains out of molehills. If you look closely, you’ll find that they are vying for your attention more than anything. New gadgets and unusual furniture for your home will be at the top of your mind when out shopping this month. Because you’ll be driven to also save some money during April it might be best to keep away from the shops altogether just in case one of these items is bought on a whim!



Be careful not to let boredom set in in your relationship and at work this month Sagi. Being a centaur, you naturally, and constantly, are looking for something better. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to find that new person or new job and the boredom will be within yourself more than anything. With this in mind, be aware that your partner will subconsciously feel your emotional distance and lack of joy in life. Try to put extra effort into them and your relationship as it will make both of your lives much happier this month. Whether you are male, female or other you will find strength from the divine feminine during April. Joining an exercise class, hobby class or another group that embraces this will help to pull yourself out of your stagnant mind. Watch your health and your body this month Sagittarius; you’ll be a little more accident-prone than usual and will pick up infections easier.



There will be a distinct focus on what you can get from people this month Capricorn, especially when it comes to intimate relationships. If someone is unable to provide you with wealth, status or physical satisfaction on a whim your attention will wane very quickly. There is no harm in this other than that you will probably be discarding someone who can provide all of these things to you in the future. Remember that a relationship isn’t a business transaction. At work, you’ll find that you have some amazing ideas pop up out of nowhere and that new avenues will seem to magically open up in front of you. Tasks that require creative thinking and solutions will suddenly make sense and you’ll be able to see the ins and outs of these tasks easily. Spend lots of time with your family this month as their love and comforting presence will bring you peace and a chance to catch your breath.



April is going to be a loved-up month for you Aquarius, and it’s about time as you always seem to miss out on the most romantic of connections. If you are a single Aquarian, someone new, unusual yet intriguing will cross your path this month. You just need to do your bit and be sure to put yourself in situations that are social and connective. For attached Aquarians, you’ll find a renewed sense of romance in your relationship leading to mutual appreciation of each other. You’re going to be in quite an upbeat mood this month and this will make other people feel great when they’re in your presence. Be careful not to be too generous with others though Aquarius. Where most people will have good intentions, others will take advantage of your good nature and generosity and it could end up costing you! Question their motives and only give as much as you can afford to miss without feeling let down.



A Pisces fish doesn’t usually have a desire to swim far away in the physical world but this month the travel bug will be in your system. If you can’t make it away to the other side of the world, you’ll be able to settle for a short trip away nationally. The change of scenery will do you a lot of good and will sharpen your intuitive mind. Just don’t go booking any hugely expensive or wild trips away as chances are that you will lose out financially with an unintentional bad decision. You’ll be given a great opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture this month and this will open your mind to another way of living. Nothing brings Pisces more joy than learning about others so you’ll find this opportunity to be a true delight! Double-check your taxes and bill payments this month. A slight oversight may have occurred from the other end.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.