Beauty in all its forms will take centre stage this month as we come into Libra season. Libra is the most balanced and harmonious sign of the zodiac and its energy will help all of us take on the Libra qualities of friendliness, charm and diplomacy. To add to our sense of harmony, most planets that have been in their mischievous retrograde motion will start to move directly this month which will bring a sense of normalcy back into our lives. Saturn will move directly on the 11th and Mercury and Jupiter will move directly on the 18th. You might feel a little shift in your emotions as everything seems to be how it ought to be once again. In the body, Libra governs the kidneys and the lower back so some lower back pain is to be expected this month. To truly embrace Libra season why not try adding some beautiful greens and blues to your décor, take in the scent of roses or add spicy apple flavours into your diet to create that harmonious Libra feel.  



Watching growth in your assets and investments is going to be one of your favourite pastimes this month Aries. It will feel as though all of your brilliant ideas to make quick money will pay off this month, particularly if the initial investment was made using other people’s money. The same optimism and luck won’t translate to your everyday work life and career this month though as you will accidentally step on the toes of others, undermine yourself constantly and stubbornly stick to ideas that you know won’t work all in the name of saving your ego. If you are a single Aries, you’ll be quite preoccupied with finding your soulmate this month. Your attractions will change constantly during October as you try to locate your one and only. To avoid embarrassment, be sure to take the hint when someone is trying to let you down gently in the love department. Spend some time expanding your knowledge this month; your mind will be equipped to retain more information than usual!



You might want to pay close attention to your love life this month Taurus as October is showing hiccups, arguments and downright bad behaviour in this area if you aren’t careful. All of which will be caused by you too, unfortunately. Attached Taureans are going to have a wandering eye this month which is highly unusual for this sign of the zodiac. Do not overstep boundaries and make the mistake of thinking that your partner will forgive and forget. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your partner is trying to hold you back in any sense either. Chances are that the problem lies within you instead. For single Taureans, the same rules apply. Your eye will wander from person to person which will mean that you won’t be able to settle on one person from the next. On a lighter note, most Taurus natives will find that they are influential at work and can steer things in their favour this month.



Gemini, October is going to be a little difficult for you as you take a pessimistic stance on life. This low mood can be overcome with a bit of effort put in on your part, but that’s easier said than done when you’re feeling this way. You’ll have this notion that you can’t do anything right and will presume that people are criticising you all the time. It will feel like your partner is the main culprit in all of this too. Don’t go throwing away a good relationship just because you think they are over you. Physically, laziness is going to plague you this month. You’ll know that you’re putting in as little effort as possible into your exercise regime and you’ll go as far as lying to others about it to make yourself feel better. Try going somewhere new to motivate you physically such as a new gym or a new walking route. Getting outdoors will also inspire you to be a little more active.



Try to be a little more open at work this month Cancer. People enjoy being around you and are open to listening to what you have to say. You might even find that in doing so new opportunities at work will open up as well. The areas of work that you find fulfilling and which you are passionate about will shine through this month and you’ll get genuine enjoyment out of sharing this with others if you make the effort to do so. One thing that you need to be careful of though is opening your mouth when you are in a bad mood this month. You’ll tend to try and shock people by telling them about your darkest, weirdest and most taboo beliefs which might lead to some distancing between yourself and those that are close to you. If you are applying for loans, trying to secure a financial partnership in any form or seeking investment in an idea of yours you’ll be very successful in this area during October.



Centre-stage is not where you’ll feel you’re being placed at family events and celebrations this month Leo. Any attempts to grab the attention of your loved ones during these occasions is also going to be fruitless, unfortunately. Try to avoid taking your frustrations out on family members this month as there’s every chance that they simply have more on their plate than usual and aren’t even aware that they’re ignoring you slightly. When it comes to matters of love there’s a divide between single Leos and attached Leos this month. Attached Leos are going to find that their partner is attentive and loving this month and amazing mind-blowing conversations and sex will enhance your connection with each other. On the other hand, single Leos are going to experience unhealthy emotional attachments during October if they aren’t careful. Get to know your muse properly before handing your heart to them on a platter.



Your mind may play tricks on your during October Virgo which will be nothing short of annoying! Usually, you have a brilliant, analytical mind that serves you extremely well, but this month complex processes and intricate philosophies or subjects will simply be too baffling for you to come to grips with. It might be a good idea to avoid getting into debates with others this month because of this, lest you find yourself in the unfamiliar territory of being in the wrong! Just because you’ll be feeling a bit off course during October it doesn’t mean that you need to give anything more to other people than you already do. You’ll be susceptible to being roped into doing things for free this month. If you don’t think someone really needs the help then politely decline without feeling bad. You’ll be fascinated by people who push the boundaries this month. In fact, it might be high time that you let your hair down and be a little wilder and crazier than usual!



When it comes to money Libra has the uncanny ability to spend it like it's going out of fashion while also never going broke. This is going to be especially true this month as multiple items that you have zero need for catch your eye. You’re going to be especially drawn to items that are a little pricier and a little bigger this month Libra. Paintings, new furniture, cars and other big-ticket items will all be in your line of sight! This desire to shop ‘til you drop may be a good remedy for the lack of a social life that you’ll have this month though. Friends will be quiet and you’ll be feeling a little anti-social yourself. It might be time to take a break from keeping all your friendships in good stead. With the likelihood of spending time alone this month, look to connect to your divine feminine energy. This should bring balance to your emotions and may even curb some of that unnecessary emotional spending.



Daily routines that remain uninterrupted are going to bring you happiness this month Scorpio. You aren’t typically one to place a high value on a good daily routine but this month it will be important to your emotional health. It will also be a means for you to get your finances in order which you know should've been sorted out a long time ago. You’re going to have great success with writing and sticking to a budget this month which will bode well for the soon-to-be holiday period. Your innate healing abilities are going to come out during October and you’ll be given more evidence of how powerful your healing abilities are. A small touch, a few kind words or even your time will help someone else immensely this month. Be careful not to make an impulsive pet purchase in October! Your need to nurture something cute and small will be a great surprise to you and one which may cloud your decision making. 



Patient, focused and a little bit mysterious is going to be how people view you this month Sagi. This is going to work in your favour when it comes to getting people on your side for some of your grander plans this month. Just don’t include your ability to communicate effectively as something which will be working in your favour as well. What is left unsaid is going to be where your power lies. This is going to be particularly true when it comes to making money during October. If you work in a sales position aim to leave the potential buyer with something to think about; likewise, when it comes to asking your boss for more money. Something interesting that is going to happen for Sagis the world over this month is that an old belief system is going to be replaced with a new one and a karmic debt will be repaid. Both of these situations might leave you feeling a little unsteady on your centaur hooves, but just know that it’ll be a temporary issue.  



We could call you a natural lie detector this month Capricorn as your senses and intuition are going to be highly attuned to picking up on anything false. This could be used to your advantage in so many ways, but the problem is going to lie in how you communicate your findings to others. If you can refine your comments in advance then you should be able to help people see the lies that are coming out of the mouths of others. Your manifestation abilities are going to be on point during October and you’ll have particular success in manifesting what you want at home. Simply visualise how you want your home to look in the future and you’ll be able to start this manifestation process now and with great success. Your subconscious mind will be pushing you to find a new hobby during October; something that you can really sink your teeth into. Don’t go investing heavily in any new hobbies straight away though as you might find that your eagerness to get started will be stronger than your ability to stick to it.



There’s a duality to your personality this month Aquarius as you take one area of life in your stride and the other a bit too seriously. Big changes are coming to your career this month but you should be able to ride the wave of change quite easily. Your state of mind around work will be quite calm during October so where others may panic at the slight mention of restructuring, you’ll be thinking how wonderful and exciting this change will be. You are going to find romantic relationships to be a source of comfort and a place where you can find peace this month. This might not be all that it’s cracked up to be if you’re a single Aquarian though as the level of communication and depth that you’ll be seeking may not show itself in your potential suitors. You also need to be careful that you aren’t off-loading any of your emotional burdens onto the other person during a first date or you might be sorely disappointed when they ghost you!  



A small trip away will turn into a major expense if you decide to travel this month, Pisces. Although your intention will be to simply ‘get away for a little bit’ your need to spend will go into overdrive once you get to your destination. For this reason, it may be best to put up with staying at home during October. Endurance is going to be your middle name this month and anything that requires this quality is going to end with a successful result. It could be a physical pursuit such as a marathon or even an intellectual one that is as basic as an exam or crossword puzzle. You’ll be able to focus your mind in a very un-Piscean manner during October which will even amaze you! On a physical level, you might find that your skin and stomach are quite sensitive this month. Be careful what you eat and if problems arise look to eliminate various foods to find the culprit.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.