Welcome to 2021, we made it! Kicking off the year with big Capricorn energy, read on for your January 2021 predictions. 



You’re going to be starting the year with a hiss and a bang Aries as your determination and outlook on life takes a positive spin during January. Now would be the perfect time to knuckle down and attempt to achieve some of those New Year’s resolutions that you’ve failed or given up on in the past. Your ability to think clearly this month and to truly realise what you want to achieve will be much stronger than in previous months. Although most of January will be governed by this upbeat and positive energy, the last week of the month will be a little tougher as you struggle with your body image and personality traits that others might find threatening. Don’t let the judgements of others dull your Aries glamour. If you can ignore these small (jealous) comments then you’ll be able to show them just what you’re made of.



Be careful not to overstep boundaries this month Taurus. Your grasp on self-control is going to weak during January and you might find that others don’t find your antics so amusing. Maybe think twice before you play the clown in a social situation. Another area where you’ll be lacking in self-control will be when you go into a store or shopping mall. Write a list and stick to it before you go out anywhere as there’s massive potential to overspend! On the love front, you’ll do well during January. If you are a single Taurean you’ll connect well with potential partners and find fun in the dating scene. If you are already attached, expect your relationship to be harmonious and fun this month. All in all, January will be pleasant and easy-going for you. Just remember that others may not see it this way if you accidentally step on their toes with your heavy bull hooves.



January is a month to renew your connections with your siblings and old school friends. One of them may unexpectedly pop up in your life again around the middle of January and will bring entertaining and pleasant get togethers in their wake. If you are a Gemini who was brought up as an only-child, you might find this month a little hard as an inner longing for close, sibling ties overcomes you emotionally. Not to worry Gemini, funnily enough, your subconscious mind is always longing for your twin (sibling). January will be full of short trips away to help curb any boredom and you’ll be lucky enough to get great enjoyment from all of these short trips. On the work front, expect to do well during January: there’s promotional energy surrounding your work as well as fun times with work colleagues. Your boss is also going to take a particular liking to you this month as they see how much of an asset to them you really are!



You aren’t a hermit crab Cancer so be careful not to act like one this month. If anything is going to set you up badly for the rest of the year it will be this urge to hide away during January. Opportunities will be missed and connections will be lost by you doing so. Be sure to force yourself to accept that party invitation, even if you don’t feel like going and speak up when the group is asked a question at work. If you don’t, you’ll miss out. This hiding away is typical of Cancerians when the going gets tough. Not that this month will be particularly bad in any sense, but the dawning full moon in Leo at the end of January will be conflicting with your soul. Each Cancerian needs to be careful about being pulled into family dramas during January, especially if it involves one of your parents. Politely excuse yourself from any emotionally-charged family situation and leave them to sort it out themselves.



January is a very fertile month for Leo’s this year, so if you have been trying to conceive for a while don’t give up this month! Not that I would expect any Leo to feel unromantic or unloving during January as your sexual energy and affection for others is going to be in overdrive this month. If you are a single Leo there will be a few more romantic interests than usual this month, which will be the result of your free-spirited and fun personality being on display. Just be warned that you may get yourself into a situation where one new romantic interest finds out about the other: there’s a crossing over of paths between lovers which can never be a good thing! We don’t want a dramatic situation to dull your mood this month either. Watch out for gambling and gaming…you will get a bit more carried away than usual with these!




Oh, Virgo, you take New Year’s resolutions far too seriously! You’re a very practical being, but trying to achieve multiple goals all within the month isn’t going to be sustainable; it will just give you a headache (or worse, your usual stomach-aches). If there is one area in which you will do well during January it is with regards to your health. You’ll be feeling particularly happy with how you look and feel during January and your physical health will be on-form. Around the end of January, you’ll be given the chance to help re-home or care for a pet. This isn’t a permanent setup but a temporary one in which you will be able to be of service to someone else. There’s a potential love interest for single Virgo’s this month and you are most likely to meet this person at a gym or other fitness venue. For attached Virgos, be sure to actively pay attention to your partner during January. Your drive to achieve a lot during the first month of the year may cause you to forget that there’s someone else who needs some of your attention and affection.



It’s a good month for you Libra as your interpersonal skills and talents shine through. If ever there was a good time to make new friends, find your life partner or schmoose your boss, then this is it. January will see you excel in your relationships with others. You’ll also be called upon this month to be the diplomat between two people. This may involve a legal matter but will most likely involve a dispute between two of your friends. Don’t panic, this is a good thing and you won’t get dragged into the emotional messiness of it at all. If you’ve been planning for a while to buy or start a business, now would be the time to do so. Lucky energy is showing for you during January, and you’ll be able to see the possible pitfalls clearly and work out a way to overcome them once your idea gets off the ground.



This month you’re going to find pleasure in just being you Scorpio. With the busy year that was 2020 (plus a few conflicting alignments in your chart), January will be a time for you to chill out and relax. It’s not the most exciting of months, but you will find a sense of peace in your own company. You won’t be withdrawing from society like Cancer will be doing this month so there is no need to worry about upsetting others with your absence. Sexual pursuits are showing as important to you during January regardless of whether you are already in a relationship or not. Single Scorpions may find a few naughty, sexual alliances that will come in handy for the rest of the year too. The only thing that you should watch out for this month is borrowing other people’s money or creating debt with others. You might get yourself in an awkward situation whereby you’ve unintentionally forgotten to pay them back and it upsets them more than expected.



You’ve been thinking about starting a new project for a while Sagi, and this month is the month to get this off the ground. Don’t be afraid of losing money or failing in any sense as you’ll end up regretting it more if you don’t use this month’s drive, ambition and foresight to start this up. January is going to be full of fun activities which are new to you including invitations to sporting events, the theatre and cultural shows. You’ll enjoy them much more than you initially anticipated too! If you’ve found your in-laws to be a bit difficult over the New Year’s break then expect this to come to a head during January. There are run-ins with family members who aren’t blood-related to you. Spend January sitting in the sun while reading, writing and researching Sagi. You’ll find that this quest for new knowledge will put you in a positive emotional state for the year ahead.



You always know what you want and how to get it so why not forge ahead quicker this month rather than taking your time with things? This will be particularly important over January and you will have some important opportunities arise at work if you dive in the deep end with your ambitions. Networking will make up an important aspect of this so be sure to reach out to those who you need something from. A problem which requires deep thought and intricate thinking will be solved this month as your ability to see clearly will be prominent. On a health note, any old wounds, muscle problems or lingering illnesses will magically disappear over January. Keep up the good work with your health and, likely, these maladies won’t return. You’re going to be more spontaneous and free-adventuring during January which is totally out of the ordinary for you!



You might have a bit of a short-fuse this month Aquarius as people around you start getting on your nerves. It won’t be that they’ve done anything deliberately to tick you off but their shyness and coy behaviour will irritate you. Be careful not to upset your friends by lashing out at them if they appear to be quiet or awkward in a social situation. Likewise, don’t discard old, true friends in favour of those who seem exciting, wealthy and successful. It won’t work out long term. Other than this small hiccup, January is set to be a lucky month for you. With Jupiter and Mars in your eleventh house, you’ll find that things simply align to bring you what you need and want. Don’t be upset or afraid if some areas of your life seem to break away and disintegrate; by the end of the month, you’ll realise that these things were meant to dissipate in order for bigger and better things to happen for you.



You’ll be going through a healing phase this month Pisces as you recover from what was a tough year in 2020. This healing phase will bring both highs and lows emotionally as you process what has been and where it has led you, but with your natural understanding of the ‘whys’ of life, this should be a fairly easy process. Overindulgence in alcohol is showing as a cause for concern this month. Not because you feel you need it but because others around you will pull you into situations where it is socially acceptable to do so. You might be best to start working on any New Year’s resolutions in February instead due to this. Some strange coincidences and chance situations will occur for you during January as the Universe helps you through your healing process. Don’t be surprised if you are daydreaming of someone and then that person crosses your path! Anyone or anything that you have struggled to remove from your life will be easier to let go of during January…you just have to put your mind to it!


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.