We start the year in one of the most productive, driven, and ambitious signs of the zodiac…Capricorn. Capricorn season gives us the push that we need to get our ducks in order and start the year on good footing. Capricorn is a dual zodiac sign and has a hand in both the materialistic world and the spiritual world, as is shown by their archetype of the half-goat, half-fish creature. This makes Capricorns a force to be reckoned with as they combine practical intuition to most areas of their life. Capricorn natives have the unusual trait of ageing backwards. As they grow older, they appear younger both physically and mentally, becoming more and more playful as they age. Be prepared for Mercury to go into retrograde in the sign of Aquarius on the 14th of January which will cause gadgets of all types to temporarily glitch or malfunction.   



Don’t sacrifice your physical or emotional health for short-term pleasures Aries, which is what you’ll be inclined to do over January. Your subconscious mind will be telling you to eat what you like, party as hard as you can and get flirty with the wrong people all in the name of temporary gratification. If you choose to give in to these desires, you’ll find yourself feeling worse for wear once February comes around. Last year was a hard one, and this month you’ll have the chance to reflect on what has been and to let go of any messy emotions that have stuck with you. Sometimes you just need a quiet, relaxing space to put your thoughts in order and to slow down. During January, you’ll find yourself becoming involved and interested in something that deals with spirituality. It will be a nice way to lift your mood so that you can start the year off in a peaceful state of mind.



2021 may have left you feeling like you’re on the outer of society Taurus and this month you’ll be seriously considering making some unusual changes in your life to turn this feeling around. Just be careful not to sully your reputation all in the name of fitting in and gaining attention though, particularly if this change may affect your job. You see, after the holiday period you’ll be ready to jump back into work. The drive and ambition that you are usually so casual about will be present and you’ll be pushing others to trust you and put faith in you when it comes to work. If you ruin this before it all begins then we’ll have some sad Taureans mopping around after the holidays. All Taurus natives should spend a good amount of time researching and/or investing in property this month, regardless of how small or big the investment is. January will be the best month of this year for you to borrow money or acquire a mortgage as it will pay itself off easier over time.



Oh no, the frustrated, grumpy twin is going to come out of all Geminis across the world this month. The rest of the zodiac should watch out! Most Geminis will become frustrated at work and in their relationships this month. You’ll be feeling irritable at work which will result in some small outbursts of frustration and your creativity will feel as though it has stopped dead in its tracks. A bit of insecurity will creep into your relationship this month too, unfortunately, all of which will lead to the frustrated, grumpy Gemini twin that people will want to avoid. Try putting your energy and efforts into your health this month Gemini. Getting your heart pumping and your body to release some much-needed endorphins. This will help to cool your temper. Feeling good within your body will also help to suppress your negative Gemini twin. You might find that you’ll be able to tolerate people a little easier when you’re in an environment such as a gym as well.



Past experiences will have taught you that there’s never a better time than January to start on a new health kick, and this is exactly what you’ll be drawn to do this month Cancer. Regardless of whether this health kick pertains to a new exercise plan or dietary plan you’ll be quite clear on what will and won’t work for you. Make the most of this energy as it could lead to a permanent, enjoyable healthy habit. When it comes to new romantic liaisons this month, all Cancerians will be able to persuade the opposite sex to do what they want, when they want. Single Cancerians will find that their usual desire for romance goes out the window and is replaced by something that is much more physical and doesn’t involve emotions. For married Cancerians, January is going to throw you some curveballs in your relationship as you and your partner blow hot and cold.



Leos everywhere will be feeling a little more sensitive than usual this month. It’s not that anything in particular will happen to upset Kings and Queens everywhere, but the start of the new year will simply bring a sense of heavy duty with it. For this reason Leo, you need to ensure that you are getting outside and making the most of the outdoors. This will help to lighten your mood and restore your energy regularly. If you can do this then you’ll find that your confidence will maintain itself and a healthy sense of competitiveness will ensue. In all matters of work and business, you’ll need to be careful how you communicate in meetings. Try to soften any criticism of others as much as possible so that you don’t come across as hard. You’ll find most of your January joy in dealing with your finances and helping your partner or a friend.



Being of service to others tickles your fancy Virgo and this month you’ll have the opportunity to be of service and be rewarded for it as well. Which, let's face it, hardly ever happens for you. A charity or other organisation will relish your ideas and input about what they could do better. You might find that you end up taking over the reins a little more than you expected, but you’ll be helping a lot of other people in the process. Enjoy the success that you create here. Be aware of possible clashes with family members this month, particularly with your mother or any mother figures such as aunts. There’s a possibility that one of these people will hurt your confidence with what they say so it might be best to not get into the nitty-gritty of your new goals and ambitions this month. January will be a great month to relax and enjoy your own company.



There will be little in the way of restrictions when it comes to your finances this month Libra which will make for some wonderful January shopping sprees! You’ll probably notice that you find the best bargains this month and they’ll be on the items that you have been really wanting and looking for. On another money-related note, you’ll be inclined to spend up large on décor for your home as well as items that will be envied by those around you. A new car perhaps or a new lounge suite? Just try to be mindful of doubling up on things before you buy and ask yourself if you need two of the same things in different colours. All in all, January is going to be a month of optimism and playful energy for you. You’ll find a great group of people to connect with in fitness groups or sports teams and now would be the perfect time to search for these new friendship connections.



If your liver could speak to you this month it would be telling you to ease up on the drinking and ridiculously rich food, Scorpio. There’s a step across the boundary of your health that you need to be aware of this month. A lack of self-control when it comes to the consumption of certain foods and drinks will lead to pain in your side body and stomach. If this doesn’t put you off being so carefree with your diet this month then just know that unexpected weight gain is also showing in this month’s planetary alignments for you too. On a more positive note, January is going to be filled with happy family occasions and being reunited with those you love. Family members and close friends that you haven’t seen for a long time will magically pop up again. Reconnecting with these people will also cause an ‘ah-ha’ moment and realisation about your life that you hadn’t thought of before.



Many interesting, amazing, and upbeat people will be around you this month Sagittarius as you bring the party from December into the rest of January. A lot of the people who are around you this month will be a little edgier than you and will possess a point of difference from the norm that society expects. This doesn’t mean that you need to be the same and in fact, it would be best if you can practice being yourself this month rather than trying to outdo those who are natural non-conformers. You’ll find pleasure in anything that involves tapping into your emotions and deciphering them. Researching your spiritual side in line with this emotional research will also help to pull a spiritual love connection closer to you. Although this meeting will be romantic and wildly beautiful it will only be a temporary pleasure in your life, but a nice way to start the year all the same.



Spirit activity is going to be heightened around you this month Capricorn and you will probably find that there are lots of unusual experiences that you’ll have throughout January. Seeing sequences of numbers, seeing something in the corner of your eye, feeling as though someone is near but they aren’t, are all signs of this heightened activity. It would be a very good opportunity to make this heightened awareness a permanent thing in your life. If you are open to receiving these messages and signs during January, then your guides will be happy to continue communicating with you long term. There will be the reignition of a bond between yourself and a sibling, cousin or best friend this month. The relationship may have been left behind in the past but will be ready to take off again in January. Meeting new people will also bring about interesting times for you as you enjoy the subtle play of energy in social situations.



Lady luck is on your side this month Aquarius and things will naturally pan-out and align for you throughout January. This luck will be most evident in your work life and career. You might find that you are given a promotion before everyone else, that a hard-to-secure position easily becomes yours, that a difficult deal goes through with ease or that everyone in the office agrees with you in meetings. It’s a very opportune time to set yourself up for where you want to be in your career. Your humanitarian streak is going to need satisfying this month and it might pay to align this need with something that can also be a side-job in the future. Planning a charity drive or something that will help others out long-term are going to become regular fixtures in your life and you’ll have the ability to jump-start them really well if you do so this month.



Your spider-senses are going to be in overdrive this month Pisces and you’ll be feeling especially empathetic over January. This will bode well for your love life, especially if you are a single Pisces, as you’ll be able to pick up on falseness in others and put your time and energy into those would are genuinely interested in you. For attached Pisces, you might find that you tend to feel absolutely everything that your partner feels during January. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, so it might pay to keep things as harmonious as possible around the home. You’ll have a desire to study or learn a new skill during January Pisces. Just be aware that your mind will be all over the show though and chores, errands and other parts of life will get in the way of you completing anything that is focused on study.


Horoscopes by Kimberly Stewart.