interview with Ali McIntosh from Tessuti – PENNEY + BENNETT
interview with Ali McIntosh from Tessuti

interview with Ali McIntosh from Tessuti

 We caught up with our friend and P+B stockist, Ali McIntosh from Tessuti. Here she tells us about her travels, furniture collection and her time modelling in Tokyo.

Where did you live growing up?

In Auckland, still here!! 

What did you do before Tessuti?

During the ‘70s and ‘80s I did a lot of modelling, including a stint in Tokyo. While I was raising my family, I was always keen to renovate our houses and gardens. I always loved food and a sense of community, so decided to own my own café in the early 2000’s, which I ran and loved for several years. Following that, I returned to my love of interiors and managed Tessuti for its previous owners for 4 years, before purchasing it myself…

We notice you have an impressive furniture collection - what advice would you give to someone starting their own collection?

Buy once, buy well, and always with you heart. I have simply saved for the pieces I love, right from when I was in my 20’s. And I find, somehow, if you love them, they will work together in any environment.

Have you been to any interesting shows recently? 

Yes! Auckland Arts Festival, in particular ‘RICE’ by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan… and the Tatsuo Miyajima show at MCA in Sydney, ‘Connect with Everything’.

Tell us of your travels, what are some of your favourite places to visit overseas?

The South of France was everything I dreamt of – just beautiful, as is Paris. Would go back to both in a heartbeat. I loved my time in Japan all those years ago, and am making plans to return. But perhaps the biggest surprise to me was how extraordinary Turkey was. Sensory overload!

How do you like to chill out and relax?

Reading books, walking my dog Monty, cooking and hosting family dinners, and rearranging the house!                                                                   

If you could collaborate with someone, (can be international or from another time period) who would it be and why?

Frank Lloyd Wright – I would just love to see things through his eyes for a day.


You can view Tessuti's website here. 

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