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lela jacobs

lela jacobs

We caught up with our friend and fashion designer Lela Jacobs. She is one of the most fascinating and talented people we have met, with natural talent and deeply thoughtful and innovative design.

Where did you live growing up?

I grew up in New Zealand, all over New Zealand, mostly rural farms. One farm I spent a lot of time at have fond memories of is the land that now holds Brick Bay Vineyard and Sculpture Park. This is up North in the Sandspit area in Warkworth.

I had a horse and best friend called Ruffles. We spent a lot of time at the beach that was at that time private. Our family was naked a lot and might have to do with why I make clothes now.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Nick Cave,  Kraftwerk, Burial, Max Richter, Boards of Canada, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Nicholas Jar and Avant Avant.

What did you work on during your recent residency on a houseboat?

In the first two months I took a break from cloth and worked on a ceramic sculpture collection and a Japanese rice paper clothing collection. In the last month i worked on a zero waste clothing collection out of silk linen cloth. 

Have you been to any interesting shows recently?

A great drag show in San Fran at the cities oldest gay club but the best show I have seen in the last year was Nick Cave at the Civic in Auckland.

How do you like to chill out and relax?

I swim, a lot. These days and chase it up with a sauna and spa, red wine and ceramics. In the summer I go to the beach!

If you could collaborate with someone, (can be international or from another time period) who would it be and why?

Gosh, top notch crafters! Collaboration is a magical space, sometimes its more about the moment and minds expanding and twisting around each other trying to figure out then it is about the talent or even the outcome. I like to spend time with someone outside of project before collaboration even sprouts. It is very important to have a special level of trust and freedom in this environment. It can be like a very good puzzle.

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