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corina nika

Blogger, designer and creative director Corina Nika shared her new bedroom interior on her blog Cocorrina, featuring our large Blue Water cushion. Corina is based in the mythical Kefalonia Island in Greece and shares images of her beautiful surroundings and her freelance projects on her blog. We asked her some questions about her island and her work.   

How long have you lived in Kefalonia Island It has been about 4 years now  

Where do you go to relax Definitely the beach! Our previous house was about 10 minutes from one of the most popular beaches of Kefalonia. Whether it was summer or winter, my husband and I would walk to the beach and stay for hours, even if it rained. In the new house we’ve got a panoramic view of the Lonian sea which is just as great, so having a coffee in my front yard is one of the most relaxing things as well. 

Where is your favourite place on Kefalonia Island Every time I visit a new one, honestly, it becomes my favourite instantly. Let’s see, I can limit myself to three. That would be the 1. Petanoi beach in Lixouri, with the prettiest sunset and crystal clear - turquoise waters 2. Antisamos beach, feels like you’re in the Jurassic Park, green mountains all around you, blue super deep water, with loads of fishes swimming around you 3. and last but not least the lake Melissani where it is said that water nymphs used to live.

What is a typical day for you Waking up around 7, having breakfast in the front yard, getting to work around 8, swimming in the pool around noon, walking my dog on the mountain behind us and a good movie night with the hubs. 

Why did you decide to freelance It wasn’t quite a decision for me to begin with. Around 5 years ago, I had gone through with a sternum surgery that left me not being able to walk for quite a few months properly, not to mention work. Typically, I couldn’t stay put so I decided to do something with all the free time by freelancing. Which turned out to be a great thing! 

Images via Cocorrina

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